Sweeney, Nick

Sweeney, Nick San Francisco, CA 917.763.1312c moonandme_2000@yahoo.com www.phoenixwisdomhealing.blogspot.com I am a Reiki Master, Intuitive and Astrologer. Astrology was my first “fringe” study that opened me up to a world beyond the confines of mainstream thought and religion. I have been … Read More

Schwimmer, Larry

Schwimmer, Larry San Francisco, CA (415) 999-5888 or (415) 662-3130 www.astrodecision.com larry@astrodecision.com Three Things Make Larry Unique…The practical way he uses Astrology to help his clients make “real world” decisions (i.e., nothing “airy-fairy” about the specifics he gives you). His … Read More

Murray, Jessica

Murray, Jessica San Francisco, CA jessica@MotherSky.com www.MotherSky.com Jessica Murray trained as a fine artist before graduating in 1973 from Brown University, where she studied traditional psychology and linguistics. After a stint in political theatre, Jessica began a study of metaphysics … Read More

Michaels, Nicki

Michaels, Nicki San Francisco, CA 425-334-7070 www.BeyondSunSigns.com nm@BeyondSunSigns.com Nicki Michaels, astrology’s answer to “Dear Abby,” writes the popular Ask Astro-Coach column for The Mountain Astrologer magazine. Now you can read the collected Archives of this column on her web site. … Read More

Gilliam, Diane Booth

Gilliam, Diane Booth San Francisco, CA 415 994 6303 yogastrology@gmail.com www.yogastrology.com Diane Booth Gilliam wrote the book “Yogastrology® Yoga Meets Astrology” based on decades of yoga practice and teaching—and, while Diane was living in ashrams in Australia, India, and the … Read More

Friedman, Hank

Friedman, Hank El Cerrito, CA stars@soulhealing.com www.soulhealing.com http://www.learnastrologyfree.com In 1973 Hank Friedman researched astrology to disprove it. Rigorously trained in science, in premed and in neurochemistry graduate work, he tested the accuracy of Western astrology for several years. To his … Read More

Brandon, Fiona MA, MFT

Brandon, Fiona MA, MFT San Francisco, CA 415.721.3355 fiona@fionabrandon.com www.fionabrandon.com/astrology-services/ As an astrologer I hope to energize a fresh perspective into the way you approach being in the world. My astrology readings inspire new ways of approaching areas of your … Read More