Rittel, Robert

Robert Rittel Moorreesburg, Western Cape Vedic Astrology / Nakshatra -lunar mansion readings robert.vedicastrology@gmail.com Robert Rittel, born in 1960 in Koblenz, Germany was raised in a St. Franciscan orphanage. As a trained chef I traveled many countries and today I know … Read More

Noyes-Smith, Anita

Noyes-Smith, Anita Johannesburg, South Africa +27 11 447 8961 http://www.virginastrology.comh5 info@virginastrology.com appointments@virginastrolgy.com Introducing Anita Noyes-Smith Rated one of the top Medieval Astrologers in the world Over 25 years study and experience Nominated SA Business Woman of the Year in 2000 … Read More

Lewis, Lana

Lewis, Lana Johannesburg, South Africa +27 11 4442265 ltl@iname.com http://www.ltlhealing.co.za/ltlhealing/astrology.htm Lana has studied and practiced astrology since 1999. She has studied with astrologers such as Noel Tyl, Basil Fearrington and Anita Noyes-Smith, as well as attending many local and international … Read More

Goosen, Isabella

Goosen, Isabella Johannesburg, South Africa 082 565 5109 http://cosmic-quest.com/ astrology@vodamail.co.za I graduated from The Thorburn School of Astrology with distinction in 2003. I have many years of Tarot experience and have been a Reiki practitioner since 2006. I am currently … Read More

Fitch, Kevin D. Raphael

Fitch, Kevin D. Raphael Remond, WA www.theastrologyconsultant.com bhuktidas8n@gmail.com 360 932-9441 Kevin Fitch (Raphael) began his study of astrology, in 1979, while attending the House of David, An African spiritual community, where he studied Hebrew and comparative religious and spiritual subjects. … Read More

Fidler, Richard

Fidler, Richard Cape Town, South Africa +27 (0) 829345212 astrofit@yahoo.com www.richardfidler.com Richard Fidler is a professional astrologer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Richard has been practicing as an astrologer since the early 1990’s and is known for his expertise … Read More

Ferns, Lee

Ferns, Lee Cape Town, South Africa 083 2658382 www.leewellercosmos.co.za cosmoslee9@gmail.com Lee Weller Ferns is internationally recognized as being one of finest in her field of Cosmobiology Astrology and for her ability to make accurate predictions. She has been awarded for … Read More