O’Brien, Dale

O’Brien, Dale Eugene, OR 541-485-9772 chironguy@pacinfo.com http://www.chironsouljourneytruth.com Dale is a full time astrologer, speaker, teacher and certified Astro*Carto*Graphy interpreter with 30 years of study. His specialties include Chiron, the Sabian symbols, and experiential astrology. Dale’s, eight week Chiron course is … Read More

Miller, Alice

Miller, Alice (Rev.) Golden, CO 303-279-3464 www.lifeprintastrology.com astrominister1@yahoo.com Alice Miler Photo Rev. Alice Miller has been a practicing professional astrologer since 1983, and an astrological writer since 1988. She has spoken for Rocky Mountain NCGR and CFA and is a … Read More

Lavoie, Alphee

Lavoie, Alphee West Hartford, CT (800) 659-1247 (860) 232-6521 alphee@alphee.com www.alphee.com Alphee Lavoie, C.A., NCGR Level IV, Counseling & Rectification For the past 40 years Alphee Lavoie has earned his living solely on his skill as a successful, full time, … Read More

Imsara, Dr.

Imsara, Dr. AP, Evolutionary Astrologer St Pete Beach, Fl 727.821.8300 wlotus@tampabay.rr.com http://www.imsara.com/ Imsara is an evolutionary astrologist, acupuncture physician, writer and speaker. She teaches classes in evolutionary astrology, pranic healing, and energy medicine. She also innovates and develops specialized programs … Read More

Gould, Michelle

Gould, Michelle Gainesville, FL 800-604-0299 352-226-6370 www.HeavenlyWriting.com michelle@HeavenlyWriting.com Michelle Gould, BA, MFA, is a consulting astrologer living in Gainesville, Florida, where she teaches at the Avalon School of Astrology. She serves on the board for Avalon and the International Society … Read More

Forrest, Steven

Forrest, Steven Chapel Hill, NC POB 2345, Chapel Hill, NC 27515 760-767-4720 http://stevenforrest.com Steven is a well known astrologer, writer, teacher, lecturer and frequent speaker at major astrology conferences. His books include, The Inner Sky, The changing Sky, The Night … Read More