Suchan, Suzanne

Suchan, Suzanne Buffalo New York 716-548-5013 Suzanne Suchan is in the Buffalo New York area and is an energetic, enthusiastic holistic psychotherapist and energy healing arts practitioner. She helps her clients find their calling, understand their purpose, and … Read More

Pierpaoli, Paola

Pierpaoli, Paola Rome, Italy Paola Pierpaoli has been concerned with astrology, tarot card reading and spiritual healing since 1985. She has been in constant contact with her Spirit Guide since 1996 and she operates as a channeler. She … Read More

Martin, Craig

Martin, Craig West Hollywood, CA 323-208-1091 I discovered what powerful art astrology is when I was very young. From then I read whatever I could get my hands on. Being a double Scorpio with moon in Aquarius I … Read More

Krok, Euegenia

Krok, Euegenia Pine, CO 720-441-2120 Blog –   Oftentimes, astrology can seem abstract and distant to the novice client, leaving them confused and bewildered as to how the astrologer has interpreted their information. As a trained psychotherapist, … Read More

Karacostas, Alexandra

Karacostas, Alexandra Chico, CA 530-520-9992 My name is Alexandra Karacostas. I am a professional consulting astrologer based in northern California. The focus of my practice is person-centered astrology: helping people successfully navigate their lives. The work integrates … Read More

Gerosa, Pauline

Gerosa, Pauline Kent UK +44 (0)7951 168857 In 1986 I experienced a traumatic period in my personal life. I turned to astrology for guidance and to help me understand my situation so I could make the best of … Read More

Foxworthy, Teresa Ann

Foxworthy, Teresa Ann Los Angeles, CA 415.289.2213 Teresa is a professional astrologer who has been doing paid readings for over 30 years. Her grasp of astrology started very early in Life. Teresa began … Read More

Clement, Babula

Clement, Babula Christchurch New Zealand 027 943 9095 Babula is a well-known Australian astrologer who has been working astrologically for over 25 years. She recently moved to beautiful Governors Bay near Christchurch, New Zealand. She continues her practice … Read More

Brownstone, Diana

Brownstone, Diana New York, NY 212-563-7199 Diana Brownstone is a certified professional consulting astrologer through the National Council of Geocosmic Research. She has provided personal consultations since 1987, and is a member of the faculty of the New … Read More

Berry, Linda

Berry, Linda L.A, San Diego, Inland Valley, CA 619-507-6395 310-410-1836 Linda Berry has been actively seeking her own spirituality since she was very young. Her aunt, an accomplished astrologer and numerologer, started Linda reading palms as a … Read More