Sturite, Baiba

Sturite, Baiba Riga, Latvia (Europe) Baiba Sturite – vedic astrologer, author and teacher of self-development, Vastu Shastra and vedic astrology courses. The purpose of my life is to share knowledge, energy and experience to motivate, heal and help … Read More

Shah, Priyal

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Shah, Priyal India +91-9824300658 +91-9925247611 Mr. Priyal Shah the founder of Priyal Astro He is Connected/ Involed/ Attached with Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Rieki Spiritual Healing & Karma Kand and other since year of 2008. He has achived valuable … Read More

Sawant, Dattaram

Sawant, Dattaram Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai 7303479440 Astrology Courses Dr. D.G Sawant is a dynamic, multi-talented & multifaceted personality. He is internationally commended Astrological Research Professional and one of the rising stars in astrology in the … Read More

Pandit, Jitubhai

Pandit, Jitubhai Pandit Jitubhai (Astrologer) provides genuine astrology services in India. Expertise in Love Astrology, Marriage Consultation, Gemstones, Horoscopes Reading, Match Maching, Rudraksha, Vedic Astrology, Yantra, Zodiac Astrology. Panditji has many years of experience in astrology and … Read More

Kumar, Pankaj

Kumar, Pankaj Delhi, India 9910727979 Acharya Pankaj Kumar is a very renowned and accomplished astrologer in India, and has been an expert on coming up with expert predictions for his clientele. He is very learned, and has immense … Read More

Acharya, Ashok

Acharya, Ashok Delhi, NCR India +91-9871198709 Since 1990 , Ashok Acharya , a very famous and renowned name in Indian- originated great science Astrology , is known for his accurate predictions and researches in Astrology. Astrologer Ashok Acharya … Read More