Herdani, Eliane

Eliane S. Herdani, LCPC, CEAP, BC-TMH, PhD +49 151 127 322 17 life@lifeaspects.com www.lifeaspects.com My journey into astrology started in 1988, when I attended my first basic course in astrology and I haven’t stopped ever since. In 1993 I founded … Read More

Rubi, Alina

Rubi, Alina Miami FL astralrain29@gmail.com Alina Rubi, is an astrological consultant and educator. She resides in Miami Florida. She graduated from the American Federation of Astrologers, She is a Certified Professional Astrologer. Specializing in Vocational Astrology, Electional Astrology, Astro-location, Astro-marketing … Read More

Emeney, Ellen

Emeney, Ellen England +44 (0)1736 331291 www.astro-services.com Ellen Emeney is a trained and qualified professional astrologer who is also a historian who specializes in the middle ages. She is a teacher, a counselor and her interests range far and wide … Read More

D’Angella, Eros

Eros D. Il Gatto Astrologo Venice, Italy info@ilgattoastrologo.com http://www.ilgattoastrologo.com/en/ https://www.facebook.com/Ilgattoastrologo https://www.facebook.com/Ilgattoastrologoenglish Born in 1986, he took an history degree but, after some years, in 2017 decided to dedicate himself to his passion for spirituality and astrology that he studies with … Read More

Cossar, Faye

Cossar, Faye Amsterdam, Netherlands 31(0)20-6206244 www.fayecossar.com www.juxtaposition.nl faye@juxtaposition.nl Faye Cossar is an astrologer, therapist, speaker and writer who has lived in Amsterdam since 1986. As well as running her private practice, she is the founder of the Amsterdam School of … Read More