Swanson, Juliana

Swanson, Juliana www.AstralHarmony.com Juliana@AstralHarmony.com Juliana Swanson A US citizen born in Tripoli, Libya. A holistic registered nurse (RN) and healer (RPP/Polarity Therapist and Certified Rebirther) and East-West astrologer, Juliana has been studying and practicing occult arts including yoga and Western … Read More

Siregar, Moses lll

Siregar, Moses lll Prescott, AZ 1-866-673-5693 www.astrologyforthesoul.com moses@AstrologyForTheSoul.com Astrologer Moses Siregar III Moses uses both Western and Vedic astrology in his astrological practice, providing a holistic and alchemical emphasis for the benefit of his clients. In addition to his own … Read More

Rahman, Mohd Bahzad

Dhaka, Bangladesh brahmanbd@yahoo.com www.astrobahzad.bloombiz.com Rahman, Mohd Bahzad Mohd Bahzad Rahman completed his astrological studies and received mastership in the Indian School of Astrology. In addition to his personal consultations, he also is a regular contributor to leading astrology magazines in … Read More

de Looff, Roeland

de Looff, Roeland Tilburg, Netherlands www.dirah.org www.astrologycourse.org roeland@dirah.nl Born at January 23, 1957, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 16.02, Roeland has been a practicing astrologer for more then 20 years and is the founder of Dirah Academy International, which is an institute that … Read More

Kincaid, Mark

Kincaid, Mark (641) 209-9899 Fairfield, Iowa www.naturesastrology.com kincaidmark@yahoo.com Astrology, simply put, means the “whys” of life. Why are we here? Why are we the way we are, and “what” we’re supposed to do in this life? For some, the “why” … Read More

Hansen, Ingrid

Hansen, Ingrid Bridgewater, Massachusetts Boston: (617) 841-7510 Washington DC: (202) 407-3815 www.rocandsol.com Ingrid Hansen is an experienced astrologer with specialties in western, vedic and forensic astrology, and specializes in Sade Sati challenges. She enjoys her work helping others understand their … Read More

Friedman, Hank

Friedman, Hank El Cerrito, CA stars@soulhealing.com www.soulhealing.com http://www.learnastrologyfree.com In 1973 Hank Friedman researched astrology to disprove it. Rigorously trained in science, in premed and in neurochemistry graduate work, he tested the accuracy of Western astrology for several years. To his … Read More

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