Teixeira, Mónica Mendonça Lopes

Mónica Mendonça Lopes TeixeiraTeixeira, Mónica Mendonça Lopes
D.F.Astrol. S. (Diploma 2016)
+351 (91) 616 34 63

Character Analysis; Personal Relationships; Business; Vocational; Forecasting; Children’s Charts; Electional; Ongoing Work.

My passionate journey through astrology started in 1996 but it was only in 2007 that I began my studies in FAS, obtaining my Faculty Diploma in 2015.
Astrology helped in my personnel and spiritual development, deeply changing my life approach. It showed me how meaningful our lives can be when we manifest ourselves without fear but instead with trust and awareness about who we are. It is from this perspective that I like to work with my Clients. I look for the creative potential and how it can be manifested during the course of life. It is rich and pleasurable team work: I use my astrological knowledge and combine it with the client’s questions and life situations.
I also have a degree in Informatics and some certifications in the Quality Management area. My degree in Informatics helps me on know how to explore the best features of the Astrological software and combine many astrological techniques. My experience in the quality management area taught me how important it is to offer properly planned astrological services and that are continually reviewed and improved.