Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

The temperance meaning is that of the duality of the mind: the subconscious and the conscious mind. This major arcana card has a picture of an angel whose gender is not identifiable at a glance to represent the balance between the genders. She has one foot in the water and another in the dry land to represent duality. She has a triangle inscribed on her chest to indicate the union between the earth and the holy trinity. She also has two cups in her hand representing the alchemy of life and perfect balance.

The temperance meaning majors on the duality and union of the subconscious and the supermind. The temperance tarot card is to represent balance and perfect harmony in the union. The image on the card is a piece of advice to test the waters before venturing.

The temperance tarot card has two outcomes. An upright and a reversed divination outcome. The two have differing impacts on your health, love, career, and financial life. This article shall discuss each outcome and its effects on your life.

Temperance Upright

Temperance Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The Temperance upright meaning is a symbol that represents balance, moderation, patience, and purpose. This card indicates the values of effective control and responsibility in a relationship. Below are indications of this card to you.

Love – Upright

The Temperance tarot card in a love tarot reading can act as an emotional balm, providing an outlet to release pent-up feelings. The meaning of temperance suggests patience, moderation, understanding, and going the middle path. The tarot card indicates that you must avoid going to extremes, and to be careful and thoughtful of your every action in romance. Your thought, beliefs, and attitudes should consider your partner and ought not to be excessive. While it is difficult to go through the ups and downs of love, remember not to give too much or be inadequate because not everything is in black and white.

Temperance meaning could indicate a harmonious relationship with your partner to find the best balance and commitment if you are in a relationship. Only with this moderation can your relationship progress. if you are single, the reading could mean that you need to balance other aspects of your life to create space for an incoming partner.

Career – Upright

In your career, the temperance tarot could indicate patience and moderation in the workplace. The harmony between you and your colleagues could be a helpful tool to achieve your goals. People who remain calm under pressure at work are often noticed, and this is a skill you can use to your advantage. Temperance reminds you to remain steady and persevere through challenging situations at work.
The reading could also indicate that your hard work and perseverance have been noticed. With this, you could be promoted or it could represent an advancement in your career.

Finance – Upright

You may have been slowly and steadily progressing in your finances; temperance calls you to a balanced and moderate expenditure. This reading could also mean that you should begin saving slowly and diligently and that you will succeed over time. The tarot card also shows that you should also avoid losing money through risky investments and rash financial decisions.

Health – Upright

Temperance in your life could mean that you should maintain a lifestyle of moderation and balance to maintain good health. have everything under control and avoid unhealthy eating and living. If you have health issues, it could indicate that you are either underdoing or overdoing things. Bring everything under moderation, and you shall be able to nurse your health back.

Spiritual – Upright

a temperance reading could indicate that you need to balance your mind, spirit, and body by listening to your spiritual guidance. exercise patience as you follow your spirit to rise spiritually.

Temperance Reversed

Temperance Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): When it comes to tarot card meanings, the temperance reversed meaning is a call to restore the balance and moderation in your life to progress smoothly. This major arcana tarot card indicates that your current position in life is full of hastiness, rashness, being extreme, instant gratification, and imbalance. Temperance reversed could signify overindulgence in harmful practices such as drinking, drugs, gambling, food addiction, and shopping.

This is an indicator that you have lost your inner tranquility and calmness. This could affect your relationship with people close to you. this is a call to revisit your life and reflect and resolve this imbalance’s root causes.

Love & Relationship – Reversed

The reversed temperance card could mean that you are going to extremes for vain romance. It could indicate you are forcing things in love or are simply trying to force your date to love you. You may be too eager to get love, but it isn’t coming. This reading is a turning point to have calm and inner tranquility, and romance will fall into place.

Career – Reversed

The reversed temperance card in a reading could indicate rash and hastiness in your workplace. You lack the calmness a worker ought to have in times of difficult situations at the workplace. It also signifies a declining relationship with a colleague due to your extreme personality and temper. It is high time to relax and be moderate; otherwise, your career could decline or have a demotion.

Your interactions and response to constructive criticism have caused a rift with fellow employees. it is high time to resolve the root cause by rebalancing your energies.

Financial – Reversed

In a Financial reading, the temperance reversed suggests that your life lacks control in how you spend money. You may be too extreme and engaging in risky investments and spending your money on unnecessary shopping. You need to restore your balance and resolve some habits you may have developed, such as drinking, gambling, and eating junk. try to save little amounts and avoid debts.

Health – Reversed

The reverse temperance tarot is an indicator of things that predispose one to health problems. Some people use this reading to indicate life’s many pitfalls and how to avoid them. Your excessive behavior may have caused you to have unhealthy and harmful excesses. To restore your life, you need to have balance and control in your actions. This could save your health and life.

Spiritual – Reversed

Your spirituality may be failing due to failure to listen to inner spiritual guidance. This indicates that the balance between your soul, spirit, and body is declining. This is mainly due to external distractions and challenges around you. This reason should be a turning point to indicate that you should focus on creating a balanced life for your spiritual progress.

Temperance reversed tarot card is a guide for you to shape your life and unite your life in balance, moderation, and control. It speaks primarily to you about your state of mind. Allow yourself to have a tranquil life for progress.