Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles tarot card description shows an old white-haired male who has done a conspicuously decorating job. The decorations on his robe has a grapevine. They signify the joining of spirit and matter. There are two white dogs at the man’s feet, and a young couple is standing close with a baby. Presumably, the young couple is his children, and the baby is the man’s grandchild.

As it appears, the old man is wealthy, having amassed riches throughout his lifetime. He is glad to now share what he has gained over the years with his loved ones. He is confident he has provided enough financial long-term security to his loved ones. He is assured that his legacy will live on for a long time.

The old man and his family are assembled in the courtyard of an opulent estate. The estate is a representation of prosperity, luxury, and financial freedom. Additionally, the archway has flags and emblems indicating the family’s rich history and ancestry. This shows the deep connection between the family and their lineage and community.

Ten of Pentacles Upright

Ten Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): What the minor arcana card Ten of Pentacles suggests in a tarot reading is wealth, domestic harmony, longevity and contentment. The reading signifies that all the hard work and struggle will bear significant outcomes in the future. This will happen because you always have the bigger picture in mind and are committed to it. Neither do you waiver nor choose shortcuts.

Furthermore, this minor arcana card suggests you will have a lasting legacy due to your hard work and commitment like what’s displayed in the Eight of Pentacles. You can eventually relax and enjoy all the fruits of your labor and leave behind all the memories of struggle.

As depicted in the card, the old man is sitting while relaxed. He is now watching over his children and great-grandchildren. His lineage is set to benefit from his wealth and continue with his legacy. He also derives much satisfaction from the happiness of his children. Therefore, the card represents the pleasure you derive from doing good deeds and sharing with others, especially your family. It is an indication of how crucial they are in any man or woman’s life.

The Ten of Pentacles tarot card has significance in both financial stability, success, family’s future and family values. It is an indication of affluence and financial freedom just like the Queen of Wands. The card begs you to consider both your present and future when making decisions. It is a challenge to make decisions that will benefit generations to come in your lineage.

Love – Upright

The Ten of Pentacles in a love tarot reading signifies good luck, affection, and prosperity if you are in a long-term relationship. The goodness in the relationship is not only pegged on material things. You are also in a strong position emotionally in the relationship. The two of you are solid enough and have laid a solid foundation for a family should you consider having one. The idea may be in both of your minds, or you might be working on the way to move in together and start a family.

On the other hand, the Ten of Pentacles might imply that you are single because you may highly regard your family’s approval on the partner you decide to settle on. You also view your extended family very favorably, and you believe your romantic interests should not come between you and them. You think marriage is not only about love but the bringing of families together.

Career – Upright

If you have a business venture, the Ten of Pentacles symbolizes that you are in the process of building an empire. The Ten of Pentacles further signifies that the business will run through generations in your family. Moreover, the tarot card depicts that your job will provide financial security in the long term. This applies if you are an employee who does not own any business.

Finances – Upright

In a financial Tarot spread the Ten of Pentacles card appears upright it tells you that an immense fortune might be coming your way. The windfall might come from a family business or relative since the card is typically associated with family. In addition, the Ten of Pentacles can signify that you are setting up a solid financial future with solid foundations. The financial future can be creating a will, creating a pool of savings, or coming up with a retirement plan leading to financial security. In a broad sense, the card has a connotation of wealth from family.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed

Ten Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): The Ten of Pentacles reversed meaning might be a warning about your financial future, financial security or even breaking traditions. It is preemption of future challenges and financial issues in later years that may not be an issue at the moment.

Further, the Ten of Pentacles may indicate that an investment you are putting a lot of effort into may not be worthwhile in the long run. In a broad sense, the card may signify that you are placing too much hope on short-lived success at the expense of your future. This tarot reading is telling you to take a step back and critically analyze the decisions you are making at the moment.

Love – Reversed

The Ten of Pentacles reversed card in a love reading is an indication that you might be highly bothered by what your family thinks about your partner. You might be too focused on the outside approval, thereby inhibiting the emotional attachment between you and your partner.

On the other hand, the Ten of Pentacles reversed may indicate a conflict between your partner and your family. These conflicts may be taking a toll on your relationship. It would, therefore, be best to assert boundaries between you and your family on your relationship matters. It would be best not to always consider what they say without thinking about yourself.

Further, the card may signify the downfall of a relationship. This is despite the relationship or marriage has had a strong run for a long time. If you are single, the significance is the relationships are for short-time fun and they lack the stamina to withstand challenges in the long run.

Career – Reversed

The Ten of Pentacles reversed implies that things may not be going very well for your business. The card might be forecasting the doom of a business. The company might face dissolution, insolvency, or bankruptcy resulting in its closure. It is a warning for you to revisit and reconsider some of your business decisions to try and rescue the situation.

On career matters, the Reversed Ten of Pentacles may indicate you are in an unstable job, especially in the long run. The reading simply implies you will find better prospects in another field or company. You should, therefore, consider leaving your current job.

Finances – Reversed

When it comes to finances the Ten of Pentacles reversed has tremendous implications on your financial matters. It may be a signal of substantial financial losses that are looming. Also, the card might suggest that you should be wary of debts you are incurring at the moment. Further, the card may signify inheritance disputes, family arguments, or money conflicts. Therefore, it would help if you brace yourself or take the proper steps that might act as mitigations to these conflicts.