Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The symbolism of the pentacle on a gold coin, signifying the Pentacle Suit is the coming together of natural knowledge (i.e pentacles represent a symbol for the wisdom of Venus) and labor to produce wealth.

In the case of the Three of Pentacles tarot card description on the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck is that of a stonemason conferring with two architects over how to build a cathedral. Three pentacles are illustrated as forming the keystone of the main arch, which forms the strength of the foundation of this church. Cathedrals, in medieval times, often served as the center of a community or a town.

The Three of Pentacles shows two architects who symbolize both the knowledge of the design as well as the implementation of the building. More specifically, the Rider-Waite Tarot shows them as a monk and an aristocrat or scholar.

The monk has on a gray robe and his countenance is that focusing on a higher purpose/calling. In contrast, the scholar has on a garment once worn by medieval schoolmen (i.e. academics) called a liripipe, which symbolizes knowledge. In his hand, he is presenting the mason with draft papers for the cathedral’s architectural design.

Finally, the mason is portrayed as a young apprentice looking to the architects for experience and guidance. He is standing on a plain-looking bench, which is a symbol of his “beginner” status. His yellow apron and the tools in his hand show that he has already acquired basic skills. Even though he is not as wise as the architects, the drawing also conveys that they are willing to patiently assist as well as counsel him.

Three of Pentacles Upright

Example of the three of pentacles represents hard work..

Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The Three of Pentacles minor arcana card advises synergy and team work. It is a good omen if you can work best with others, and combine your labor with good know-how, you can accomplish much. Good teamwork is the key to building strength in any project. Remember, three pentacles form the keystone of the arch in this tarot card; take away the keystone of any building and you also take away the foundation of its pillars.

The Three of Pentacles suggest that in all your undertakings, you should try to harmonize your activities with those who attempt to counsel you. The wisest counselors and a willingness to work hard just like the seven of pentacles is what gets any project finished. Only then will you be successful in your endeavors.

Career – Upright

The upright Three of Pentacles meaning in a career tarot spread is that you are doing your utmost to work well together with different types of people, and this will, in time, increase gains. The key to successful teamwork is to best create synergy. Is everyone’s voice being heard? Is everyone best contributing their skills to a group project? These are questions you should always ask yourself when working with others.

This Three of Pentacles career meaning also indicate that a Tarot practitioner (here represented as a novice stone mason) should understand how to best interpret counsel from experienced people. This is especially true when first beginning any project, both in the workplace as well as in your personal life. Learning how to effectively interpret advice will give your work more meaning and significance.

Love & Relationships – Upright

The Three of Pentacles meaning in a love tarot reading is endeavoring to create lasting, meaningful communication with your partner. Do you want to plan a vacation or start a new project with your loved one? The Three of Pentacles love meaning suggests knowing how to best communicate your wants and needs is the hallmark of building a strong connection that will endure as you get more deeply involved.

Money – Upright

The Three of Pentacles in a finance tarot reading usually signifies successful wealth creation. Your labors are seeing their fruition and the unfolding of their accomplishment. It is best to gradually embark on any new business venture and to always hedge your risks with caution.

Three of Pentacles Reversed

Example of the three of pentacles means reversed

Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): Apathetic, Stubbornness, Unwillingness to Learn From Mistakes, Lack of Motivation, Poor Work Ethic, Solitary Figure, Working Alone, Lack of Synergy or Group Focus, Lack of Dedication or Commitment to Follow Through on a Project.

Career – Reversed

The Three of Pentacles reversed in a career reading means that something is impeding your ability to work well with others and to get the job done. Are you taking too much responsibility for yourself? Are you not listening to those who best know how to give advice? Sometimes, in any project, we need to let someone else show us the way forward.

Trusting people and successfully delegating certain responsibilities are essential parts of group success. Knowing how to recognize someone’s unique skill set and determine their role is also very important to any organization and its undertakings.

Love & Relationships – Reversed

In terms of your love life, the Three of Pentacles reversed can mean that gossip and needless talking is causing a rift between you and your partner. Try to better convey your wants and your needs. Most importantly, always listen to what your partner has to say.

Money and Health – Reversed

In financial situations, the Three of Pentacles suggests a lack of communication and gossip is stifling business. Strong communication is needed. You also needed to apply more effort to your health to see better results.


The Three of Pentacles concerns how to work best with others in a group. Good, strong teamwork and accurate communication are needed to successfully follow through in the workplace as well as in your personal/romantic life. Good luck in all your future pursuits!!!