Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

An upright Two of Swords tarot card description has various references that are key in its interpretation. They include making hard decisions, experiencing a truce, denial, having a clogged vision, confronting your fears, being conflicted about relationships, clouded judgment, opposition, being double-minded, having allegiance to different sides, and being stressed about your decisions.

Two of Swords Upright

This tarot is the Two of Swords with two crossed swords, a crescent moon and a blindfolded woman. It has multiple tarot card meanings.

Two of Swords Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): Generally, just like other tarot cards the upright Two of Swords tarot card has several meanings. One of its representations is that you are in a situation where you are experiencing a truce or one that makes you feel like you are at crossroads. It signifies that the decision you want to make is a painful and difficult one and thus, you are stressed about how to go about the matter and are feeling stuck. Indeed, this card is the Minor Arcana of confronting your fears.

Another general interpretation of the upright Two of Swords is that you are undecided on choosing between two affairs, relationships, friendships, offers, or jobs which the 2 crossed swords represent. It also signifies that you found yourself in a fight between two rival sides and are attempting to find a solution to the argument.

Additionally, the upright Two of Swords implies that there are blocked emotions. You are in denial about something, are experiencing some blindness, or are just not willing to see the reality of the matter.

Love & Relationships – Upright

The Two of Swords card also has several meanings in a relationship context. For those already in an affair or relationship, it shows that they are experiencing a stand-off or divided loyalty. Probably you have been fighting with your significant other or are unable to decide on an important matter, necessitating a truce.

The first step of solving the impasse should be giving each other space to deliberate over the matter and figure out how you will fix the argument. You are hesitating to deal with the issue because it may leave you vulnerable and exposed. Nonetheless, it may also indicate that you are hesitant to make a difficult choice because of the future impact that it may have on your relationship.

The upright Two of Swords minor arcana card can also show that you are in two relationships and cannot choose one of them. No matter the case, it is time to confront your fears and make that difficult choice. Whether you will continue your lives together or individually is a decision that might need to be made.

The Two of Swords also has a meaning if you are single. One interpretation in this reading is that you have two potential partners and cannot decide who you should begin a relationship with. Because it is unfair to keep both of them waiting, you have to make that difficult decision even if it will not please all of them.

Likewise, it could imply that you don’t want to tell a potential partner you are interested because you are afraid of being rejected or their reaction.

Career & Finances – Upright

If the Two of Swords appears in your career Tarot reading it signifies that you are trapped in a conflict at your workplace or dealing with opposing parties at work. This may be between two fellow employees with contrary opinions asking you to take a side in their conflict. It may prove a hard nut to crack as you do not want to seem like you are betraying one of them, yet they can’t reach an agreement on their own.

Aside from that, it also shows that you have to choose between different job positions or career paths. Your vision is clouded, and you cannot visualize the big picture. Before you make a choice, you should get as much information as possible. Arm yourself with the relevant facts and evaluate the merits and disadvantages of each option before you move forward.

In monetary terms, the Two of Swords shows that you have difficult financial choices to make, but you are unable to acknowledge the truth. If you are experiencing financial hardships, you should be honest with yourself when addressing them. It would be best to seek professional help if you cannot manage on your own.

Health & Spirituality – Upright

Healthwise, the Two of Swords shows that the blocked emotions you have are causing health issues and mental problems. If it becomes too much, contact a medical specialist for help. Spiritually, it represents that your spiritual journey lacks clarity. Figuring the right balance will bring some clarity.

Two of Swords Reversed

Two of Swords Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): Some of the reversed Two of Swords references include being indecisive, emotional distress, too much information, anxiety and stress, delays, emotional tumult, emotional detachment, and revealing the truth.

Generally, the Two of Swords signifies delays, postponing activities, and indecision. It also shows that you are anxious and are getting too much information to process accurately. It is a Minor Arcana card, representing a very cautious and emotionally cold individual. Furthermore, the card illustrates that you finally see the reality of a situation after being clouded mentally. This enables you to make a good decision.

Love and Relationships – Reversed

The Two of Swords signifies a period of emotional turmoil in your relationship. This may be due to you delaying a critical decision. Anxiety and distress may be negatively impacting your connection to your significant other. Instead of dealing with an issue directly, you are simply papering over the cracks.

Another meaning is that you are eventually coming to terms with the reality of your relationship. It would be best to make the necessary adjustments, but only at a pace that will not harm your relationship.

For the single ones, the Two of Swords represents anxiety in the whole dating process. It could be that you haven’t dated for long, or you still have baggage from your previous relationship. You can get out and start interacting with other people at a gentle pace that you are comfortable with. However, take it easy and don’t rush things.

Money & Career – Reversed

This card indicates that you are experiencing conflicts at your workplace, resulting in stress and anxiety. It may be due to delays and frustrations in promotions and work projects. It could also mean that there was a workplace problem that you were not aware of but are finally realizing. Be careful when handling such issues so that they do not become a problem in your career.

Financially, the Two of Swords reversed indicates that you are struggling financially. While you may just have discovered the problem, you should set up a good strategy to deal with it. Approach the problem practically and come up with means to save money and get out of debt.

Health and Spirituality – Reversed

Healthwise, the Two of Swords reversed shows that you have problems balancing your emotions and thoughts. Some of the accompanying symptoms include anxiety and stress.

Spiritually, the Two of Swords reversed implies that although you should be familiar with spiritual practices, be careful not to go overboard. Do not follow every spiritual information and practice out there. Better still, trust your instincts.