Van Zyl, Dion

Dion Van ZylVan Zyl, Dion
Natal, South Africa
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WHEN 33-year-old Dion van Zyl walks outside on his Alverstone farm at night, it’s the skies his eyes are drawn to. Dion’s eyes can spot planets amid constellations that, tracking their course though the years – they are his inspiration and stir in him the deep passion for Astrology. Born into the family Engineering firm, Dion says he was obviously the odd one out.

“I was very sensitive as a youth and always knew I was different.”

Today, a sought-after Astrologer in his own right, Dion is able to look back on those tough early years with a certain amount of pride.

His dedication, commitment and passion for his craft has served him well and he has a solid base of clients for whom he consults.

His eyes light up and he becomes animated as he explains the finer details of his art.

“Astrology Fascinates me every day,… The movements of the planets affect our collective lives in every way, and if you are aware of those movements, you are able to understand yourself and the times so much more,” he says. Dion explains how, when planets are in certain positions they can influence
behaviours and moods etc.

“You might think that you just get cranky at certain times of the month, but in fact, looking deeper, you’d probably find that the position of certain planets on those days are what is affecting you.”
“From the time of a phone call, we can tell what the person on the other side was thinking,.. Whether the topic of the call or meeting will actually amount to anything,..”

That his predictions and observations are uncannily accurate is confirmed by those who seek his counsel on a variety of matters.

“I consult with business people, some here in Hillcrest, Durban thru Johannesburg, who have come to me to establish the best possible time to open new businesses. I’ve advised regarding investments and partnerships.

I’ve consulted with couples on the best possible day to get married and have even advised people on the best time to buy a vehicle. In fact, I could probably tell you the type and colour of vehicle you’re most likely to buy, and who goes with you as you make the purchase,..” he said, smiling at my amazement!

Back on earth, Dion says he lives a simple life and shies away from all the trappings of modern society, having left Television and Radio behind over 10yrs ago,.. The Internet is his only source of outside information at present,. “I think I’m Addicted,.” He jokes,..

“We live very simply on a farm in Alverstone with my girlfriend and my six-year-old Son. It’s an Alternative lifestyle,” he says smiling.

“Westernism, like Hillcrests new Traffic lights, are merely an experiment,.

No-one said it would work, not so!? So why Flock to it!? Be Yourself, Enjoy Yourself”,..

“Astrology is so vast a subject, used by ancient civilisations, it is still a very useful tool that we can use to understand ourselves more and discover our true potentials,… I mean, Would you make any purchase without knowing it’s model/specs!?” he taunts me,…