Ward, Sue

Sue WardWard, Sue
Benfleet, UK

Sue Ward is a practitioner and teacher of the Art of Traditional Horary Astrology. For over twenty years, she has focused on the method and techniques of the great English astrologer William Lilly (1602-1681).

Sue began her astrological studies in the early 1980s under the late Kay Way. She also studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies of Great Britain, and with the late Olivia Barclay. It was Olivia Barclay who played such an important role in the revival of the Traditional Art and was, until her death, widely recognised as the leading horary teacher of her time. In 1987, Sue gained
her Qualified Horary Practitioner’s diploma from Olivia’s school and for some time continued a close working relationship with Olivia.

For the last decade, Sue has been concentrating on teaching and research while maintaining her astrological practice with clients throughout the world. She has researched at Oxford University and in London, and consulted widely with leading experts in the field. Much of her research has led to new insights into the techniques and methods of William Lilly and provided a better understanding of horary practice.

Sue has published widely and lectures both in the United Kingdom and abroad. In 1993 she established the Traditional Horary Course which is primarily concerned with research and teaching, offering both foundation and diploma level courses to students. Sue is the Principal and prefers to work closely with students at all levels. This reflects her love of the Art and her appreciation that we must do all we can to pass on the full body of our knowledge to the next generation of astrologers.