Waris, Mazhar

Mazhar WarisWaris, Mazhar
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I am practicing Astrology on National Level. I also do prediction succuessfully. I do prediciton about mundane astrology. My first prediction was about the down fall of Priseident Perviaz Muzharraf and was published in the magzine Aiena Qismat Lahore, and also in the newspaper. You may read my prediction on face book which is already updated.

I am a Clinical Psychologist , Career Counsellor and Homeopathic Doctor and did 6 Months of work in Nishter Hospital Multan as a Clinical Psychologist.
I am the Author of One Book “Dengue is Curable” (visit my facebook.com/dengue.iscurable). I am Collum Writer in Nawe-e-Waqat Newspaper Multan. I also make prediciton in Daily Ausaf Newspaper and Daily Khabrian,Daily Dunya Multan Edition. I developed Four Temprament Personality Tests. I also work on Mundane Astrology, Natal Astrology, Horary Astrology.