Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

Although there are many tarot cards, we’ll dissect the Wheel of Fortune meaning in this article.

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card description usually showcases three figures, and they’re present on the outer edges of the giant wheel. Also, Hebrew letters are present, and they represent the name of God, but it is somewhat unpronounceable.

The middle wheel has alchemical symbols representing salt, water, sulfur, and mercury- these elements are the building blocks of all four elements, and they usually represent a formative power.

On the outer circle, there is a snake representing Typhon (an Egyptian god). The snake usually represents the life force plunging into our material world. There is Anubis (an Egyptian god) on the right side, and he usually welcomes souls to the underworld. There is a sphinx at the top of the wheel, and it usually represents knowledge and strength.

In the corners, we have four winged creatures representing four fixed signs, and they’re associated with the zodiac signs, namely; Scorpio the eagle, Aquarius the angel, Taurus the bull, Leo, the lion. The wings usually signify stability as you move and witness different changes. Each holds the Torah, and it represents wisdom.

Wheel Of Fortune Upright

Wheel Fortune Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The Wheel of Fortune card usually indicates decisive moments, good fortune, a new cycle, destiny, or luck. It is a major signifier of significant change and a turning point in your life. When it is upright, this is an indicator major changes are coming your way just like with the world tarot card meaning.

Some of these changes are for the greater good. Keep in mind change isn’t always easy. The upright Wheel of Fortune major arcana card usually works in your favor, and it means the universe is now working in your favor, and you’ll attain your goals soon.

If the Wheel of Fortune card has appeared upright during your tarot card reading, you should spend most of your time focusing on what you want. Keep in mind the universe has a plan for you, although it may not be clear. The Wheel of Fortune also represents karma, and you should be good to people even when you’re on your way up.

Relationship & Love – Upright

The Wheel of Fortune tarot love meaning is an indicator you’re about to witness some positive changes or fortune and you might be taking the next step. It can also indicate you’re headed to a new phase in your relationship, or you might partake in a joint project together.

If you’re in a relationship, but you’re not contented the Wheel of Fortune card may be revealing upheaval. This tarot card may be an indicator that your partner is trying to shake things up, and you might make some changes that will help improve your current relationship, or you may be headed for a breakup, and you’ll be free to move on to better things.

For those who are single, the Wheel of Fortune tarot indicates the universe is working towards ensuring you find the love of your life. You’ll have good fortune when it comes to love, and you’ll start getting out and meeting new people. You should be discerning about what you would like in a partner since you now have that opportunity.

Career & Money – Upright

The Wheel of Fortune upright in a career meaning signifies a good omen, indicating that major changes in fortune are coming your way. If you’ve been interested in starting a business, this wheel of fortune suggests that you should consider a career change. The universe is working towards making positive changes in your life, and you’ll attain your dreams eventually.

You may be happy with your current situation; the Wheel of Fortune still indicates there are more positive changes and good luck coming your way. Some of these might be challenging for you. Nonetheless, they will lead to bigger things, and you should embrace what comes your way wholeheartedly. For those experiencing financial difficulties, your time to witness prosperity is near.

Health – Upright

As for the health reading, for those dealing with health issues, the Wheel of Fortune means that your healing time is near. For example, if you have been pushed too far mentally or emotionally; the Wheel of Fortune indicates that things will take a turn for the better. The universe is telling you there is the need to take care of yourself. Take heed to the reading as a warning and make some adjustments that will benefit your health and body.

Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Wheel Fortune Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): When the Wheel of Fortune major arcana tarot card is reversed it may indicate bad luck, something unwelcome or negative is on its way.

The reversed Wheel of Fortune indicates there will be challenging times ahead, and unwelcome changes so you need to adjust accordingly. Things may have been going well, but eventually, they may take a negative turn. This may also be caused by external forces and you may feel powerless at some point. Keep in mind different outside factors will bring about your misfortunes coupled up with the decisions you have been making.

Things may be tough. However, this is a good time to learn important lessons in life as you look forward to a better and brighter future. If you come across different opportunities, don’t fail to seize them.

Relationships & Love – Reversed

When the Wheel of Fortune reversed shows up, there will be stagnation when it comes to your love life, and the sparkle may fade away in the relationship. It doesn’t mean that you should get out of the relationship. Keep in mind relationships have ups and downs. Focus on the fact that you’ll be moving from one part of the relationship to another, and there will be some issues here and there. You should assess the situation and focus on finding what works for you and your partner.

Keep in mind bad times never last. Some of the mistakes you have made in the past may come back and bring about some issues. You may also feel unlucky to some extent. In such an instance, you should focus on your behavior and choices in life.

You may also ask yourself different questions such as, have you wasted different opportunities because of love? If yes, then you need to learn from your mistakes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re single or in a relationship. You should focus on going with the flow.

Money & Career – Reversed

The Wheel of Fortune reversed means that you’re approaching a point of stagnation. Also, you’ll be faced with a lot of uncertainty and possible bad luck. Be ready for some changes that are unwelcoming. Ensure you’ve assessed all the decisions about your career accordingly and ask yourself whether you’ve been making the right choices.

Have you taken advantage of all the opportunities that have come your way? Although you’re about to experience some setbacks, you should take solace in the fact that they’re temporary. Take this time to learn from your mistakes in the past. With time, things will get better.

Health – Reversed

In a health reading the Wheel of Fortune reversed indicates that you’ll be experiencing some major health issues. You need to remain positive and avoid being pessimistic. The changes will be stressful considering they’re unwelcome and you have little control over the situation.

Final Thoughts

We have looked into The Wheel of Fortune’s upright and reverse meanings. Regardless of the meaning of the reverse position, you should keep in mind tough times don’t last. Also, you should take time and review some of the decisions you have made in the past and make corrections where need be. By doing so, you’ll experience a lot of positivity afterward in your life.