Wolfram, Scott

Scott WolframWolfram, Scott
Las Vegas, NV

Scott Wolfram Evolutionary Astrology
Scott has a busy practice as an astrologer, writer, teacher and speaker. He is known for the unique perspectives and penetrating insights that he has developed by connecting the threads from astrology, the timeless archetypes of the classic Greek and Roman myths and the spiritual traditions of India.

His practice is based on the foundation of Evolutionary Astrology (as developed by Jeffrey Wolf Green) and deepened by employing over 60 asteroids to complete the picture of the core themes of your journey in life. Also specializing in the Astrology of Location, using the complimentary systems of Astro*Carto*Graphy, Geodetics and Local Space to identify locations that are supportive of the unfolding themes on your journey in life. His goal is to promote the potential for each individual to become the architect of their life and to move in harmony with the sun, moon and stars.

To find where Scott is teaching classes and workshops around the country, check the section on this site under “Local Astrology Classes” for current listings.