World Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot card reading is a challenging thing to master, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You have to be patient. You have to dedicate yourself to understanding each card as best you can, and you have to accept that tarot study is an ongoing thing.

Description of The World Tarot

Firstly, you have to know what the World tarot card is and what it looks like. The card is going to have a dancing figure in the middle of the card. The character on the card has one leg crossed over the other. The figure is also going to be holding a wand in one of its hands. The figure has the shape of a woman, and her position symbolizes balance.

Since she’s dancing, the natural evolution of movement is also highlighted by this card. This card isn’t meant to be understood as something static but rather something that’s constantly moving. You’ll also notice a wreath around the symbol of the woman in that perpetual dancing stance. The wreath is full of beautiful blossoming flowers. The wreath is meant to symbolize success.

You’ll also notice some red ribbons, which are meant to remind you of infinity. The World card is also going to have four figures at each corner. The figures are Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus. These are there to represent the four corners of everything in this existence. They are supposed to represent the four elements or four evangelicals. They’re there to remind you that there’s a balance amongst these four corners.

Word Tarot Upright

When the World tarot card is upright, it means unity. It means both worlds outside and in are one.

If all this sounds little nuts, it’s okay. You’ve probably encountered this concept before, but people called it something else. Maybe they called it enlightenment. Some people even call it nirvana. It’s a moment where an individual understands his or her link to the world around them.

The card is telling you to surrender to the rhythm of life, to the flow of time and existence and everything that comes along with it. The bitterness and sweetness are a part of life. It could also be reminding you to take a breather. Maybe you completed something big in your life, and it’s okay to give yourself some time to absorb this moment.

These are major accomplishments that need to be observed and given the importance they deserve. People sometimes forget to do that, and it’s a shame. The card could also be telling you that the hunger in your heart that’s telling you to help the world and help your community should be fed.

Love Meaning – Upright

Sometimes, the upright World tarot card has something to do with love. When you see this card, it’s telling you that the love or the relationship you’re in is giving you a sense of fulfillment. It’s reminding you that no matter the challenges no relationship is perfect, so you should still be grateful. The card is telling you that, at least for now, you want fulfillment.

When you see this card, you should know that it might be telling you to move on to the next level, whatever that might mean for you. The card could be telling you to move in together, or it could be telling you to get married. It could also be telling you that it’s okay to think about starting a family. Those big decisions you and your partner are contemplating are the decisions you should make.

If you’re single, this card could be talking to you. It could be telling you that you need to find fulfillment on your own. You could never be a good partner unless you love and value yourself first. Getting into a relationship without self love can be detrimental, and that’s not a good thing. This card could be telling you that you need that or that you’ve just accomplished that, and you’re ready for a relationship.

Career Meaning – Upright

Sometimes, you’re interested in your career, and the World card has something to tell you, too. It’s telling you to be proud because you’ve just accomplished something big, and you need to allow yourself to feel the weight of that accomplishment. Feeling proud of something you’ve accomplished is a good thing. It builds confidence. It helps you feel like you can reach even higher.

The problem is that if you don’t allow yourself to feel each career milestone, then you won’t build that confidence. The sense of completion you’re feeling could come from finally landing a job or getting a promotion. It could also just be finishing a challenging project in the job you already have. What this card is telling you is to pause before rushing into the next project, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Finance Meaning – Upright

Everyone has to worry about finances. You have to worry about them because you’ve hit financial snags or haven’t reached a particular goal. Well, this card isn’t about those moments at all. It’s about enjoying what you just accomplished. Maybe it’s something small compared to other accomplishments, but it’s big for you.

Maybe it’s just that you completed a week without overspending. It could also be a big thing. Maybe you just finished paying off a debt. Whatever financial accomplishment you just achieved, you need to recognize it and be happy about it. There are more financial goals to achieve, but those can wait because you need time to just be happy and at peace.

Reversed World Meaning

The next World card to talk about is the reversed World tarot card. This card is telling you that the sense of completion is lacking. It could also be telling you to be a little more reflective about your goals and accomplishments.

Maybe it’s asking you to confront the fact that no matter how many accomplishments you have you still feel like something is missing. You look back and somehow don’t feel completely fulfilled about the things you’ve done. The card is asking you to question yourself and find out why you don’t feel like your accomplishments are yours to celebrate.

Love Meaning – Reversed

When you see the reverse World tarot card and you’re wondering about love, the card is telling you that something is missing in your love life. While something may seem like it’s about to end, it isn’t.

The card is revealing that you’re close to the end. You’re so close to completion and fulfillment, but something is in your way. The card wants you to be reflective. Maybe your partner has everything you want, but for some reason, you aren’t putting the pieces together.

Maybe a past relationship is forcing you to look at this one through a negative lens. Allow yourself to see who you’re with. It may help you find peace. Maybe you need closure from your past relationship to be happy in this one.

Career Meaning – Reversed

The card wants you to know that you’re missing something regarding a career move you’ve been working toward. You know something is off because you’ve accomplished it, and the rewards are more bitter than sweet.

Perhaps you know something is off because you simply didn’t accomplish what you’ve been hoping to accomplish. The card is telling you to rethink your goals or rethink the rewards you received for accomplishing your career goals.

Maybe the career goal you set was not challenging enough. Maybe the bar was too low. You could also have been trying to create goals based on other people’s perspectives of success, not what you want. Rethink your goals, and you’ll find your happiness.

Finances Meaning – Reversed

You may feel financially comfortable, but for some reason, you don’t feel right. You feel unhappy when you really shouldn’t. Again, this card is telling you to reevaluate what you’ve accomplished.

Ask yourself if it’s really what you want. Ask yourself if comfort is really for you or if you like to always challenge yourself. If you simply haven’t accomplished your goals, this card is here to remind you not to wallow in disappointment. Wallowing will simply make it harder for you to accomplish your goals, which is a shame since you’re so close.