Yaworsky, Roman Oleh

Roman YaworskyYaworsky, Roman Oleh
Miami Beach, FL

Roman Oleh Yaworsky has pioneered an approach that takes astrology back to its spiritual and yogic roots – a true and decisive aid in supporting the evolution of the spirit and soul. It is based on years of pioneering research, in-depth transforming sessions with clients, and an extensive background in yoga, spiritual and shamanic traditions.

For the last 25 years, Roman has developed computer programs that extend the visual and graphic presentation of horoscope dynamics to support his work with clients. He is the author of two reports: The Powerful Light Natal Report and the Powerful Light Transit Report. Both reveal the underlying energetics, gifts and opportunities that the individual can access for growth and healing. Roman is also the author of Being Centered, a practical and innovative guide to reconnecting to spirit through the heart. This book identifies both the obstacles and opportunities for growth within a spiritual context.

In addition to his consulting practice and astrological services, Roman is a healer and shamanic practitioner.