Yost, Peggy

Peggy YostYost, Peggy
Phoenix, AZ

Peggy Yost has been a practicing Professional Astrologer for over 30 years. In the mid 90’s Peggy wrote an Astrology Column for The Arizona Sentinel newspaper which ran for 7 years until the newspaper was sold. Previously she wrote the Astrology Column for The Arizona Light. In the late 80’s, she co-founded Mental Dynamics Institute, an organization dedicated to teaching and research in the fields of mental development, Parapsychology and Astrology. Currently, Peggy devotes her time to personal Astrological Counseling and creating Zodiac jewelry along with hand-wired dragonfly jewelry. For most of her adult life, Peggy has studied many of the major works and astrologers of past and present, including Carl Payne Toby . She has also studied with world-renowned astrologer Noel Tyl, teacher, lecturer and author of numerous best selling books in the field of Astrology. She has taught classes in her home at various times.

In her astrological analyses, Peggy emphasizes the astrological trends, influences and current forces at work that are influencing her client’s lives. “Forewarned is forearmed”, she says, “ and knowing what is happening in your transits can help you to understand, and make the right decisions, at the right times in your life.” Evidence of her ability to personally tailor her analysis and consultations to her clients is shown by those clients who have regularly returned to her over the years, for their current transits, for additional charts for family members and friends, and for personal and business relationship consultations.

Peggy feels a very important part of her work involves assisting parents in understanding their children emotionally and physically, their abilities and talents, and the differences between children in the same family. This helps parents to address each child’s emotional and physical needs, and to expose them to those areas of life and career to which they may be best suited. She also stresses that: “Understanding the astrological compatibility between you and your family members can go a long way in maintaining balance and communication in those relationships.” Baby Charts, Children’s Charts and Compatibility Charts make wonderful gifts

Peggy is also a Tarot Card Reader and along with individual readings, she also partners with an Intuitive Reader for parties and events.

Peggy describes herself as a “positive, intuitive and spiritual Astrologer”.