Best Online Psychic Reading Sites

Sometimes, life can be unforgiving, cruel, and difficult to understand. It is common to worry about your career progression, relationship, family, and future. Stress, agony, and depression can be major obstacles to realizing your purpose. During low moments and periods of uncertainty, people often turn to psychic reading services for guidance.

While psychic readings online might be new, getting a psychic reading itself is nothing new to humankind; many past civilizations often turned to psychic mediums for help in discerning life’s purpose and self-awareness.

Gaining clarity about life’s uncertainties helps position your mindset to overcome whatever challenges you face. Online psychic reading platforms can replenish inner wisdom and open your mind to fresh perspectives you never thought possible.

Besides offering fresh life perspectives, online psychic reading services also excel at helping you make important life changes after decoding what life may have in store for you in the future. Today, the psychic reading tradition is very much alive and readily available online. But be careful, you can be easy to fall victim due to the abundance of online scammers and illegitimate psychic readers.

Below is a comprehensive guide on the top-rated psychic reading services if you are unsure about what website to choose. This guide provides comprehensive details on what to expect from the top psychic reading websites and what factors to consider when comparing the different psychic readers.

Below are the top factors we’ve tested when comparing online psychic platforms.

It helps to apply logic and rationale to ensure you make the best choice that satisfies your needs when seeking out a psychic reading. Choosing the right psychic reading website requires a thorough assessment and understanding of key parameters you should be looking for such as; specialties offered, experience level, customer reviews, charges per minute, and modes of contact. Let’s dive deeper to understand how these factors can influence your decision.

  • Customer experience
  • Charges per minute
  • Modes of contact
  • Experience
  • Free services
  • Specialties offered

Top 5 Psychic Sites

After scouring the internet for the best online psychic reading websites and trying them out, the five sites below stood out for legitimacy, authenticity, and trustworthiness.

Keen Review

Background Information is one of the most trusted psychic reading sites around. Keen’s about us section portrays the website as a pool of skilled spiritual online psychic readers and advisors committed to providing you with a great online psychic reading experience possible while helping global you get answers about life’s complexities. Keen’s psychic practice is over two decades old, during which they have served millions of users. Their newly updated user platform is practical and easy to use for smooth psychic-user interactions. has received raving reviews from top magazines, with most magazines praising the site’s superb satisfaction guarantee. Getting a psychic reading or just spiritual guidance is their most popular service, but they offer specialties such as divorce and cheating advice, love counseling, card reading, and astrology insights.

How The Website Works

Keen’s user interface and landing page are slightly different from other psychic reading websites. The landing page is easy to navigate and well-organized, thanks to the convenient placement of dropdowns and navigation keys.

You must first register and then sign up to enjoy Keen’s psychic reading services. Their website requires an email address, password, and disclaimer confirmation that you are above 18 years old. After signing in, you’ll be able to filter and view thousands of psychic mediums on the site. provides excellent filtering features which enable you to search for online psychic readers based on ratings, charging rates, and availability. Keen’s match feature can recommend suitable psychic readers based on additional information about your mood, issues you’re facing, and more.

Clicking on a psychic reader’s profile reveals their full user bio, showing their gifts, service offered, and pricing.

Keen’s psychic readers operate 24/7. Appointment scheduling is easy and is done by calling or messaging the desired psychic reader. You can send messages to offline or unavailable psychic readers or future bookings.

Services Offered

  • The lists of services you can enjoy at keen include:
  • Astrological reading
  • Psychic advice & psychic reading
  • Card interpretations
  • Love & relationship counseling
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Past life readings has a general psychic category if you don’t have specific psychic needs for your session. They have one of the largest networks of psychic readers, with 1700 registered experts on the platform and 97 of which can provide you with a psychic reading. They perform thorough scrutiny, vetting, and background checks before accepting psychics into their fold. Keen’s online psychics employ different methods and abilities to guarantee accurate readings.

Relationship psychic reading focuses on helping you find soulmates and reflect on current relationships’ suitability. Keen’s psychics can help you mend broken marital and family unions and gain closure after divorce or loss.

Their life question category has expert tips for people facing life-changing decisions. This category boasts over 50 skilled life coaches with experience in life aspects. Their spiritual guidance category seeks to help you understand complex connections between your ancestry and the universe using spiritual guiding tools.

Keen’s matching tool provides unique subcategories to cater to people who are facing unique and modern life problems such as Pet psychic reading, aura cleansing, and financial outlook.

Free Trial And Pricing

Keen adheres to the industry pricing standard by charging for each minute with a psychic. On their website, you’ll find a sliding filter whose rate varies between $0.9 to $10 for every 60-second session. However, the average rate is about $4 for each minute.

Keen allows you to test drive services by offering free 3-minute sessions as a welcome offer. This introductory promotion serves to minimize service mismatch while on the site. The promotion extends after the initial trial, where you can enjoy discounted prices for the next 10 minutes after the test drive. The discounted 10-minute offer can be more beneficial in the long run if you prefer longer sessions with online psychics.


Below are the top reasons for choosing to get your psychic reading:

1) A vast pool of psychic readers

Keen boasts over 1700 experts in their psychic network. Each category has no less than 50 psychics ready to handle your questions.

2) Trustworthy satisfaction guarantee policy has straightforward methods for dissatisfied customers to claim refunds and any outstanding unused funds.

3) Affordable and convenient pricing

Besides their three-minute free trial, you get attractive discounts and low per-minute fees starting from $0.99.

4) Downloadable mobile application

Keen recently made its mobile application available to both android and IOS platforms. The mobile application is safe and offers similar website features.


1) No video calling ability

Despite the app’s impressive overall performance, the lack of video calling leaves room for future improvement. Introducing face time and video engagement will significantly refine the user experience.

Refund policy/terms
If you’re dissatisfied with Keen’s psychic experience, you can lodge a complaint and get your refund. However, claims made after their 72-hour threshold do not qualify for the money-back guarantee.

Claim filling happens through the satisfaction guarantee section via phone call or form filling. However, there’s a limit of $25 per claim every month. If you have unused balances in your Keen account you can claim refunds by contacting their support team for processing and validation.

Who is Keen for?

Keen is worth trying if you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable, yet affordable psychic reading platform. More importantly, their vast psychic network ensures that you get help no matter how unique your questions seem. You also find blogs, articles, and daily horoscope services on the site.

Kasamba Review

Background Information

When it comes to psychic reading websites Kasamba is well-known and trusted. This online psychic readings agency has been in operation since 1999. In its 23+ years of service, Kasamba’s elite psychic services have benefited over three million people worldwide. Thanks to its high ratings from millions of worldwide users, Kasamba psychics comes highly recommended. Their website gives you quick accessibility to top content from online psychics in their network.

Kasamba’s intuitive user interface is convenient and easy to use while ensuring all psychic-client interactions remain discreet and accessible. The Kasamba has grown in leaps over the 20 years from a handful of psychics to over 200 professionals within its network.

How The Site Works

Kasamba understands the risks consumers have to navigate when seeking online psychic readings. However, Kasamba differentiates itself from scammers by granting free web access to all visitors. Kasamba has multiple engagement options, with live chat and email reading being the primary options.

Once on the platform, you can view all the online psychics available at the time and their detailed profiles. You can enjoy a free psychic trial lasting 3 minutes upon signing up to the platform. This feature provides a sneak peek of what to expect before activating your membership. You also enjoy a 50 percent discount after the initial subscription.

Psychic Services Offered

You get the following services from Kasamba’s elite advisors:

  • Career outlooks from top psychics
  • Tarot card interpretation
  • Astrological interpretation
  • Psychic reading
  • Dream interpretation
  • Past life readings

You can access all the above options via the Kasamba landing page. Kasamba also lists professional bios for all psychic advisors within their network. The advisor’s bio shows the reader’s picture, specialty, per minute fees in dollars, current rating, and total reviews.

You can browse through the available psychic readers’ list to ensure they match with the right advisor on the platform. Kasamba enlists many psychic readers for each category on the website. Besides psychic readings, you can email their experts for help on marital, love, and relationship issues.

Free Consultations

Kasamba’s huge following largely depends on their quality and consistency, even for their free psychic reading services. The quality of psychic responses carries on to all users’ comments and questions posted on the site. On Kasamba you’ll have access to free content ranging from educative articles, free horoscopes, and informative guides on applying psychic cues to shape your future.


Kasamba follows the standard pricing method in psychic services by charging per-minute fees for all categories. You can pay for services through PayPal, bank transfer, or wire transfer. You can pay directly through Kasamba’s website or their mobile application. The Kasamba mobile application is downloadable on IOS and Google’s play store.

Pros of Using Kasamba

  • Kasamba’s 20-year experience puts them in an excellent position to offer a wide array of psychic needs.
  • Kasamba’s wealth of psychic knowledge is one of the best in the industry. They offer eight broad categories and multiple subcategories to match user needs better.
  • You can enjoy convenient refund policies with minimal hassles.
  • You can enjoy a free 3-minute trial for your first psyching reading. The pricing is affordable compared to competing sites.
  • Kasamba has a big team of online advisers who are available 24/7.


  • Mandatory subscription for mobile app users

Who is Kasamba for?

Kasamba is well suited to individuals seeking psychic readings, and guidance on relationships and spiritual matters. For example, their astrology service can uncover interesting individual details after factoring in your zodiac sign and birth date.

Psychic reading is Kasamba’s broadest category and serves both human and pet needs. Crystal ball and aura readers can unearth hidden secrets and perspectives about your future and love life.

Dream analysis is another unique service available on Kasamba. Here, the psychic reader offers interesting perspectives about recurring dream patterns. Dream analyzers will also suggest some useful books to help with dream deciphering.

Love is a key category in Kasamba’s practice. Love psychic reading sessions can bring awareness about your life situation and whether to progress or discontinue your current relationship. Whether you are recovering from divorce, cheating scandals, spouse conflict, family issues, or LGBT affairs, you can trust Kasamba for connections with an appropriate psychic analyst.

Card reading is another popular category on Kasamba. These readings are suitable for people seeking deeper meanings about their existence and life’s purpose. Angel card interpretation and cartomancy are popular subcategories under their tarot card category.

Psychic Source Review

Background Information is one of the oldest psychic networks with over three decades of experience. Their long involvement in psychic readings ensures you get valuable answers to any burning questions you might have. This online service provides live chat, video calls, and phone psychic reading as options for engaging psychic readers.

They have a strict psychic hiring policy that ensures only the best join their professional network. promises refunds for inaccurate psychic readings or overall disappointment about the service quality. You’ll access free guides, horoscopes, and engaging spiritual articles on the site.

How The Site Works

You can get psychic readings via their website or through their mobile application. Their platform is optimized for mobile use, making it simple to use and navigate. The advanced search feature makes finding psychic experts a breeze.

If you are unsure where to start, Psychic Source has informative content explaining what each service provides and its subspecialties.

View the catalog of available psychic readers using the site’s filter and search buttons. New subscribers receive three minutes free for their initial psychic reading. Pricing starts at under $1 to over $14 a minute.

You can book instant psychic readings or appointments depending on the time zone and the psychic’s availability. Psychic source charges different rates depending on how you interact with advisors. Video calls attract the highest rates among all the contact options.

Signup Process

Their primary web page lists their major categories and a signup option for new beginners. requires you to create an account before engaging a psychic reader. The site will request your name details, email, password, and payment method during the registration process. Billing address is a common requirement when setting your payment method. After the account is set up, you’ll need to load funds into your account; $10 is the minimum funding amount.

Services Offered

However, the site groups its psychic services into four major specialties:

  • Love coaching, family & relationships
  • Financial psychic reading
  • Life coaching
  • Dealing with loss
  • Psychic reading
  • Past life readings

Psychic Source offers matching features to pair you with appropriate psychic readers. The tool finds the best match by asking you to describe your feelings, mood, and what you’re facing.


New customers get three free trial minutes after registering. From here, you’ll enjoy psychic services starting at $0.66 every minute.

Refund policy

Their refund policy requires you to report complaints within 24 hours of occurrence. You are eligible to claim a total of 20 minutes if unsatisfied with psychic readings: the site processes and issues cash refunds by debiting your account with bonus dollars. You can initiate a refund request by emailing or calling customer support through their toll-free numbers. However, it’s unclear how long you’ll have to wait to access the refund.


  • Vastly experienced online psychics specializing in many psychic categories
  • Informative user profiles that guide you when choosing a psychic reader
  • Attractive membership programs for new and returning customers


  • Wide pricing variation
  • Unclear refund policy

MysticSense Review

Background Information

MysticSense takes pride in providing some of the most affordable online psychic readings. Though new in the industry, they still have over ten years of providing access to psychic readings & serving worldwide clients. MysticSense differentiates itself from rival sites by providing personalized and easy-to-use psychic tools at budget-friendly prices.

You’ll see the number of available readers and their respective profiles on their landing page. Browse through a collection of informative blogs and media about different subjects in the psychic world. MysticSense also includes a hot topic session where experts post content on trending topics on love, family, and relationships.

How The Site Works

MysticSense goes to great lengths to refine its overall user experience. The neat user interface collates all relevant information on the landing page, thus minimizing scrolling and site navigation time. First-time customers need to register by entering personal information, location, and payment details. The entire signup process takes less than five minutes.

Location and time zone options allow you to access local advisors’ psychic services. However, you can still access foreign psychic readers, but their availability may vary depending on the time zone. You can connect with psychic readers through chat, call and face time.

Psychic Services Offered

MysticSense search functionality allows you to search and filter categories based on your psychic needs. You can type keywords such as tarot, career, or love to find advisors in various fields. Below is a comprehensive list of psychic services available on MysticSense:

  • Palm reading
  • Crystal ball interpretation
  • Astrological reading
  • Dream analysis and interpretation
  • Tarot card interpretation
  • Career psychic reading
  • Psychic reading

Like competing sites, MysticSense has bios for all psychics in their practice. The bio highlights the advisor’s rating, specialty offered, per minute fees, etc. Psychic counselors are available via mail, phone call, and message.

You can freely inquire about the reader’s abilities, experience level, and specialties.

Free Consultation and Psychic Tools

To guarantee the accuracy and relevance of psychic readings, MysticSense has free online resources to first-time and returning customers. Popular resources made available to customers include:

  • Free first trial lasting up to five minutes for new subscribers
  • Published blogs about psychic mediums and trending topics
  • Motivational content for people going through stressful life situations

The best part is that the above resources are freely accessible from MysticSense’s account.


On MysticSense, you’ll pay a per-minute rate for every psychic reading session with an expert psychic reader. You can choose between live chat, phone, or email chat with a psychic reader. Psychic fees vary depending on the psychic readers’ rating, expertise, and engagement method.

Per-minute fees range from under a dollar to 10 dollars per minute. However, most psychics on the site charge fixed fees for email engagements. To refine user experience and answer accuracy, the site grants new users a refund for the first five minutes of psychic reading.

Consumers are particularly impressed by this site’s commitment to providing affordable services across all its categories. MysticSense ability to lock out exorbitant and fishy schemes is another reason behind its popularity among global users.


Their FAQs guide sheds light on the entity’s funding and pricing policy. Deductions are only made from the Mysticsense account deposits. MysticSense requires you to deposit 10 dollars during your signup process.

You can further top up your account balance at any time during your membership. MysticSense accepts PayPal and credit card payments using Visa, MasterCard, etc. There’s no automatic deduction feature that draws from your account if you have insufficient funds.

Cash-Back Policy

The FAQs section clarifies their refund policy. If you are disappointed with your psychic reading, your money-back policy remains active for 48 hours from your claim. However, it’s important to note the company mostly refunds you by re-crediting time rather than debiting your account. Cash refunds are a one-time option, but you can claim refunds for up to 20 minutes of psychic reading.


  • Affordable and regulated pricing ensures you get value for money after each session. It’s one of the few psychic practices where you can enjoy services as low as $0.9 for each minute.
  • Has a class-leading 5-minute refund after a subscription
  • A wide array of psychic experts with specialties in different categories
  • Vibrant social media engagement through blogs and spiritual articles
  • Responsive support team with many consumers acknowledging the staff’s courtesy and quick response


  • Lacks horoscope services.
  • Does not have a mobile application.

Why Mysticsense

Many users are particularly impressed with the site’s smooth and practical user interface. The modern design and intuitive features are a significant improvement over the old User interface. Additionally, the time zone feature within the site supports narrowing down your search to connect with psychics near you.

Purple Garden Psychic Readings Review

Background Information

Purple garden’s practice is fairly young compared to other competing psychic reading sites. Their superb web and mobile application provide an easy interface and satisfying experience. It’s one of the few psychic networks that offer video readings to its global users. Purple garden’s application is available for free download from IOS and Google’s play store.

The website is split into top-rated, most accurate, and trending psychics. This web arrangement makes browsing and navigating a breeze.

The site’s psychics handle pressing questions from a broad category of specialties. They offer palm reading, love advice, dream interpretation, and psychic reading & advice to millions worldwide.

Signup Process

You can join via the website or mobile application. You’ll need to create your profile by clicking on the register button, which redirects you to the information page. You’ll provide an email address and set a unique account password to register. However, you’ll need to key in your address, mobile number, and full name before purchasing reading credits. Facebook and Google are other signup options available to you.

How The Site Works

Upon signing up, you’ll be redirected to a landing page that displays psychic reading categories available to you. The desktop version only supports contact through messages. You’ll have to download the mobile application to access phone calls and video interactions. Their platform is optimized for mobile use, hence the pleasant user experience when browsing categories.

Reader’s bios are neatly organized in the psychic’s section based on their rating and specialty. The psychic’s bio shows their date of joining the website, pricing, total readings offered, and availability status. after selecting your preferred psychic, you’ll have to specify the contact method and indicate how long you’d like to book the expert. The minimum booking period is 5 minutes, with the maximum being one hour.

Services Offered

Purple Garden groups its services into eight broad classifications, each with multiple sub-specialties. The site offers:

  • Palm interpretation
  • Oracle guidance services
  • Angel reading
  • Tarot analysis
  • Psychic reading
  • Love coaching
  • Dream insights
  • Horoscope services

Chakra cleansing, financial coaching, and spiritual counseling are popular subspecialties available.

Dream analysis caters to people seeking clarity on patterns or scenes that recur in their dreams. You can connect with a dream reader through phone calls or messages. Relationship coaching counsels facing marital issues, cheating, and those going through a divorce. The most preferred way of connecting with love coaches is via phone call.

Astrology guidance and horoscope services aim at helping clients get past life obstacles by revealing hidden life maps and universal connections.

Palm readings reveal hidden secrets about what lies in store for you in the future. Palm reading is a video service only because the psychic reader has to view your palm for accurate readings.

The Psychic Reader Onboarding Process

Anyone interested in joining purple garden’s as a psychic reader must pass a vetting process to prove they meet the required standards. Interested applicants must create their profile which requires full names, a verifiable address, and a cell phone number.

Besides uploading clear photographs, interested candidates must accompany their application with short introductory videos describing their specialty and relevant skills in detail. From here, the reviewing team at the purple garden will scrutinize the psychic’s application to ensure it meets set standards.


Though their psychics have freedom in setting rates, purple garden sets pricing limits ranging from $0.9 to $15 a minute. Their pricing criteria consider the contact method and the psychic’s experience and expertise. The chat service is the most affordable option compared to video or phone calls.

Most of their psychics charge between $4 and $9 a minute. Purple Garden accepts top-ups via PayPal, bank transfer, and American Express.

Funding And Refund policy

After signing up on their purple ocean app, you’ll need to deposit $15 before selecting a psychic. As a new user, you are granted a 5% discount after spending your first $10. Interestingly, the site does not set limits for money-back guarantees. However, this cash-back remains valid for up to 6 months and is instantly credited to your user account for use in future sessions.


  • Has a vibrant and well-put-together mobile application that makes navigation easy and smooth.
  • Over 3000 vetted psychics
  • Has monthly discounts and promotions


  • Despite the five percent refund claim, the claiming process for unused funds is not as straightforward as other sites.

Questions To Ask Your Psychic Reader

Knowing what to ask your counselor during your psychic reading can minimize the probability of getting inaccurate or unhelpful answers. It can be particularly confusing for anyone with little or no experience dealing with psychics. It’s advisable to note down any questions you might have before contacting your preferred counselor for a psychic reading to boost your chances of a successful interaction.

To illustrate, if you are seeking relationship advice due to a troubled marriage, separation, or cheating scandal, below are some questions you should consider asking your love coach:

  • What is causing the relationship problems I’m currently facing?
  • What can I do to improve the current state of events?
  • Will the problem resolve on its own in the future?
  • How long should I expect to see changes in my love life?
  • Is my spouse right for me?
  • What are the lessons I can learn from these issues?
  • How do I get past the pain and trauma of a cheating partner?

If you face problems at work or in your business, consider posing the questions below to your career counselor.

  • What can I do to set myself up for success in my career?
  • What skills do I need to acquire to maximize my career or business potential?
  • What factors are derailing my progress at work?
  • What changes should I make to realize better financial outcomes and be the best version of myself?
  • What can I learn from what I’m currently going through?

Psychic Site Comparison

The comparison below summarizes the key takeaways and what you can generally expect from these elite psychic sites.

KasambaKeenMysticSensePsychic SourcePurple garden
Pricing Per Minute$1-$20+$0.9-$10$0.9-$10$4.99-$14$4.99-$14
Mobile supportiOS & AndriodiOS & AndriodNo Mobile AppiOS & AndriodiOS & Andriod
Contact methods availableLive Chat & EmailLive Chat & EmailChat, Video & CallChat, Video & CallChat, Video & Call
Special offers3 Free Minutes3 Free Minutes5 Free MinutesSubsidized $1 for sessions longer than 10 minutes$10 credit for first-time users
Payment methodsCredit Card
Bank Transfer
Credit Card
Credit Card
PayPal, Visa Discover, and MasterCardPayPal, bank transfer, and American Express.
Cash-back guarantee48 Hours Refund Policy72 Hours Refund Policy20 Minutes Refundable24 Hours Cash Back Policy5 percent cash-back

1. Kasamba – best overall

  • Pricing – Starting from $1 to over $20 a minute
  • Mobile support – iOS & Android
  • Contact options – Live chat and email
  • Special offers – Three minutes free
  • Payment methods – Credit card and bank transfer
  • Cash-back guarantee – 48 hours refund policy

2. Keen – best in psychic matching

  • Pricing – starting from $0.9 to over $10 a minute
  • Mobile support – iOS & Android
  • Contact options – live chat and email
  • Special offers – three-minute free
  • Payment methods – Credit Card and PayPal
  • Cash-back guarantee – 72-hour refund policy

3. MysticSense – most affordable

  • Pricing – starting from $0.99 to $10 a minute
  • Mobile support – no mobile application
  • Contact options – chat, video, and call
  • Special offers – free five minutes session
  • Payment methods – Credit Card and PayPal
  • Cash-back guarantee – up to 20 minutes

4. Psychic Source – best in mobile app service

  • Pricing starts from $4.99 to $14 a minute
  • Mobile support – iOS & Android
  • Contact options – chat, video, and call
  • Special offers – subsidized $1 for sessions longer than 10 minutes
  • Payment methods – PayPal, visa discover, and MasterCard
  • Cash-back guarantee – 24-hour cash-back policy

5. Purple garden – best user interface

  • Pricing – starting from $4.99 to $14 a minute
  • Mobile support – iOS & Android
  • Contact options – chat, video, and call
  • Special offers – $10 credit for new users
  • Payment methods – PayPal, bank transfer, and American Express.
  • Cash-back guarantee – 5 percent cash-back


Having unanswered questions about your love life, career, or life, in general, can stand in your way of success and fulfillment. Sometimes, clarity via a psychic reading may be all you need to grow out of your shell and conquer the obstacles lining your path. The above-featured sites have earned a reputation for providing accurate and insightful answers to their global audience.