Exploring the Moon: Mapping Your Lunar Landscape

Exploring the Moon: Mapping Your Lunar Landscape 
with Laura Nalbandian

April 23, 24, 25, 2023
OPA Virtual Retreat Immersion Track 

Each and every person has developed a way of dealing with the emotional stresses of life.  These “coping skills” have been developed over many lifetimes and are re-stimulated in the early childhood.  They represent the ways we sooth and comfort ourselves ~ from the minor occurrences of daily life to more significant emotional events. 

The sign, house, ruler/dispositor, and aspects to the Moon, as well as the sign and ruler of the fourth house, give us a fairly complete picture of the emotional needs and coping skills.  These skills help us “get through” life, they do not however bring us a real sense of emotional well-being.  We’ll explore how to make the shift from just coping to a place of being emotionally present and how to use the strengths as described by our natal Moon placement. Each student will have the opportunity to have their chart explored during this intensive 3 day workshop.

Laura has been teaching for 30+ years, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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