Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Five of Wands Tarot card is one of the Minor Arcana suits, and it has a few interpretations. One reading is that it points to the road ahead being filled with difficulties, not in themselves overwhelming but enough to produce a stalemate. This tarot card could mean that many obstacles prevent you from achieving your goal or aspiration. However, it may also indicate that you will have to use your brain, skill, and determination to maximize the success of this endeavor. Another interpretation is that the Five of Wands is a card having power and suggestiveness over both men and women.

The Five of Wands Meaning

The five wands can be a very expressive card. Other cards influence its meaning on the spread. The ‘source’ of its imagery also changes when certain other cards are drawn. One example will be if the court cards have been drawn but not the Tower, where it could indicate independence, invincibility, or confidence in oneself.

Five of Wands Upright

In a reading, the Five of Wands upright could either mean that there is mistrust and suspicion, or it could also mean unity. Uniting together to solve a problem, whether on the personal level or globally, would be the meaning in this case.

Love & Relationships

The Five of Wands upright indicates a strong desire for love and unity or a relationship. It may also be pointing at the need for balance and the nature of the relationship, and its effect on your life.

Career, Business & Money

The Five of Wands upright can indicate much about a career and the need for money. Success is important, and it could be that you find yourself in a position where you feel very limited in your life, or perhaps you are feeling very pressured to succeed. Perhaps some big changes are coming your way.

Health & Wellbeing

The Five of Wands upright reflects all kinds of health issues, from physical health to mental well-being, and even the body’s overall strength concerning energy levels. It also could be pointing at depression or feelings of discouragement or loss.

Family & Children

The Five of Wands upright signifies change, either in a new relationship or vulnerability regarding current ones, particularly if the other cards have been drawn without the Tower. It can also point to concern with children and how we are raising them, perhaps being needed as a parent or doing something to protect them from a potential threat.

Love of Animals, Nature & Environment

The Five of Wands upright often reflects an interest in animals and nature, even if it is only one card on the spread in question. Maybe it is pointing to spending time with your pets and sharing the joys they bring into your life.


The Five of Wands upright could indicate a desire to connect with an aspect of your spiritual self, such as the divine or your higher purpose. It may also be pointing at emotional pain or a state of mind preventing you from connecting to the spirit.

Inner Self-Awareness & Personal Development

The Five of Wands upright can point to personal growth and inner self-awareness. Perhaps you feel lost in life or worry about making the right decisions in the future. It could also indicate permission to step out of old patterns and become more independent. Perhaps you have been holding back for too long, and this card allows you to take the first step towards change.

Five of Wands Reversed

When reversed, this card means cowardliness and retreat to avoid a fight. It is sometimes interpreted as an inability to confront things during an argument or make way for something new due to fear of failure. However, one could also use it to surrender one’s ego and let go of pride when doing so would mean one can preach peace and harmony within the heart.

Love & Relationships

The Five of Wands reversed can mean unnecessary conflict in the relationship, or it could be pointing at you not confronting something within yourself that is causing tension. It may also signify a lack of commitment and the need for honesty.

Career & Money

The Five of Wands reversed can reflect a lack of motivation in the workplace or home. It could also mean that for you to move forward with your plans, especially with finances and career, some changes need to be made first regarding other people involved in these situations. The card could also point to a lack of support in these situations.

Health & Wellbeing

The reversed Five of Wands can indicate health concerns, such as a lack of strength or confidence. It could also point to depression or fears about dying and ending this life.

Family & Children

The Five of Wands reversed indicates a need for boundaries regarding family, either the children of the relationship or those in it. The card can also point to a conflict between you and those close to you, especially if it is in an adverse position.

Love of Animals, Nature & Environment

When the Five of Wands reversed is in the reading, it can indicate a relationship with nature and the environment, or perhaps a love of pets. It can also point to spending time with your animals, either at home or outdoors.


The Five of Wands reversed could indicate intolerance to negativity and someone who avoids being in difficult situations. A fear of confrontation may also be present in this card and resistance to letting go of old habits or ways of working in your life that have been successful thus far. It could also be pointing at a lack of inner peace and harmony within yourself that prevents you from connecting to the spirit and following your path for healing.


In conclusion, the Five of Wands is a card of conflict, competition, and anger. If the other cards in the spread point to issues concerning your career or money, or ones that could lead to them, such as health and family issues, then this card could indicate that you are being challenged. You may find yourself under a lot of pressure to succeed or do well, or you may also feel like you are under attack from others, whether in your workplace or at home. Are you trying to achieve too much? There is always a line between success and failure, so try not to cross it — there could be more competition than usual on your horizon.