Taurus Zodiac Sign: Compatibility, Dates, Traits & More

Taurus, the second sign of the astrological zodiac, receives its name from the constellation known as Taurus or the Bull. It is commonly represented by the head or whole body of a male bovine with a fierce stare and large horns. Anyone born when the Sun transits through the Taurus constellation between April 20 and May 20 is referred to as a Taurus or Taurean with the traits of a bull.

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Taurus History

Throughout history, ancient peoples worshipped bulls. Paleolithic European peoples are believed to have worshipped aurochs, a type of long-horn cattle that predates modern species, as seen in cave paintings. The constellation Taurus is believed to be one of the first-ever to become a part of human beliefs and rituals in the Early Bronze Age. Every major culture since has developed some sort of bull worship and created myths around this constellation and bulls and cattle.

Before Taurus became the second sign in the modern zodiac, it was actually the first sign of the Mesopotamian one several thousand years ago. It was referred to as the sacred “Great Bull of Heaven.” Some peoples, such as the Sumerians and Egyptians, depicted the bull with traits of humans or other animals. Most cultures associated it with one or more of their gods in their mythologies and often sacrificed bulls during religious rituals.

In modern times, the Charging Bull, also known as the Bull of Wall Street, is one example of the significant influence that the bull continues to have on humans in its representation of aggressiveness, assuredness, prosperity and strength. People born under the influence of the Taurus sign are said to possess these same traits.

Taurus Strengths

Taurus is also a fixed earth sign, which means that it shares the positive traits that people associate with the Earth and soil. Taureans are known for being conservative, stable, responsible and well-grounded and possessing a pragmatic view of life. Their ruling planet, Venus, allows them to enjoy bursts of inspiration and gives them artistic and creative traits. They’re dreamers who patiently work toward the fulfillment of their dreams. Other people look to Taureans for their own inspiration. Both the influence of Earth and Venus make Taureans desire consistency, reliability, stability and comfort.

The influence of the Bull and Venus especially makes Taureans desire pastoral and natural environments that soothe and calm them. They desire comfortable homes and steady routines. They’re hedonistic with heightened senses, which makes them especially fond of things that give them pleasure through what they see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Venus also connects them with desires for love and wealth. Taureans usually invest in and share relationships and creature comforts and like finer things and luxuries.

Taurus Weaknesses

As with all signs, Taureans possess several negative traits, especially those related to the Bull, Earth and Venus. Some Taureans behave too conservatively, which means that they might seem non-progressive at times. They have a strong need for security as part of their need for comfort and material wealth, which can result in them seeming overprotective and possessive. They can become extremely irritated, angry or jealous if someone undermines their feelings of stability and security. As with a bull, they usually don’t become angry quickly. Yet, when they finally experience anger, they explode with it and the feeling can last longer than normal for people influenced by other signs. They’re well known for holding grudges and stubbornly refusing to forgive others.

Their stubborn and uncompromising behavior is their biggest weakness. They may have difficulty knowing when to change direction if things don’t work out as planned while pursuing personal satisfaction or a goal. Taureans loathe criticism and being wrong. If they’re proven wrong about a topic, they might refuse to believe another person’s perspective even when presented with evidence. They also loathe sudden change and complications and may refuse to compromise when necessary. When it comes to their material possessions, they can become obsessed with accumulating money and property. Their sensual nature also means that they’re often willing to overspend on physically pleasurable products and services.