What Is a Twin Flame & How Do You Find Yours?

As usual, when you fall head over heels for someone, you tend to check if you are compatible with them. You might compare your zodiac signs or even your life goals to see if they align. While you might confuse your soulmate for a twin flame, these two terms have meanings that are worlds apart. So what exactly is a twin flame, and how do you find yours?

Twin Flame Meaning

The concept of twin flames has existed for a long time, but Elizabeth Clare came up with the name in the 1970s. However, the idea dates way back to the fifth century. In Plato’s philosophical writing ”Symposium” Zeus, the Greek deity, split humans into female and male versions. We base our ideas of twin flames on Plato’s texts since no scientific evidence proves the existence of twin flames.

What Is it?

A twin flame is your soul existing in two bodies instead of one. Think of it as two individuals having their souls split into halves that are reflections of each other, seeking to reconnect. These two people usually share the same strengths and weaknesses and have a powerful connection over shared feelings such as pain. In this view, therapists define a twin flame as two individuals with a highly intense same soul connection.

There is a misconception that a twin flame is your soul mate. Although twin flames are often in a romantic relationship, they do not necessarily have to be. It is a powerful soul connection that involves spiritual growth rather than romance. When you meet your twin flame, your life takes a positive turn. Your approach to the world changes, and you also grow spiritually. Your twin flame can be a lover, a pal, a mentor, or a mentee.

How Does It Differ From A Soul Mate?

Some individuals think of twin flames as one of the numerous forms of soul mates. They view twin flames as the highest level of these forms since they are one soul. A twin flame differs from a soul mate in that twin flames are mirrors of each other. It is a soul existing in two different bodies. You can think of a soulmate as a person with the same energy as you. A soul mate is a connection with someone who loves you, accepts you, and understands you more.

The main contrast is that a twin flame is perceived as one soul existing in two bodies. On the other hand, soul mates are two souls living in two different bodies but with a strong link. Even though a robust romantic relationship may exist between soul mates, a twin flame remains the stronger link between the two.


Twin flame love mainly entails spiritual growth and serves to replenish your soul similar to soul mates in that regard. You grow faster, heal your wounds, and sooner than later find true self-love when you discover your twin flame. You experience a never-ending love that seems too good to be true. After finding your twin flame, you instantly know that they are irreplaceable and will always love them unconditionally. This never-ending love is mutual in twin flame relationships.

Signs and Symptoms

As with every blossoming relationship, twin flames will likely undergo strong feelings and even constantly daydreaming about your new friend. Often strong emotions affect your rational thinking, and you may end up not noticing the clear signs. Here are eight signs and symptoms that show you have found your twin flame.

Natural Recognition and Strong Attraction

After encountering your twin flame, you will instantly recognize them and feel a strong attraction toward them. Within no time, you will have bonded with your twin flame, and your life puzzle will automatically be complete. You also feel like you have known them all your life.

Similar Life Experiences

In most cases, twin flames have similar co-occurrences and compatibility. You notice that you have identical moral alignments and life goals with time. In addition, flame twins frequently discover that similar unconnected events happened in their lives.

Strong Emotions

After an encounter with your twin flame, your emotions become excessively sensitive. These emotions might feel exaggerated both positively and negatively to a point where you feel overwhelmed.

Increased Insecurities and Paranoia

Alongside your feelings, your fragility, paranoia, and anxiety heighten. You see such distractors in your twin flame who serve as your mirror soul to try and help you face your insecurities.

Longing for Their Companionship

When you locate your twin flame connection, you become glued to them like a magnetic pull. This attraction does not dwindle with time. Sometimes it can be sexual but it is the mere longing for their companionship in most cases.

The Relationship is Not All Rosy

Contrary to popular belief, a twin flame relationship is not all rosy. It often gets turbulent. This turbulence stems from the fact that you have to face and own your negative aspects, most of which you ignore. When reality sets in, you can be upset.

Your Life Transforms Instantly

When you unite with a twin flame, your life can quickly turn around. A twin flame relationship can significantly transform your life to the point of switching careers or relocating. Often, these changes are random and unforeseen.

You Desire to Become Better

A twin flame serves to arouse the potential in you and inspire you to become better. In turn, you become more exposed to new possibilities you never expected.


A twin flame relationship has unique stages depending on the involved individuals. Here are eight stages you are likely to go through:

Quest for Your Twin

In this stage, you are highly aware that your twin flame is somewhere out there and feel a strong urge to meet them. Even the non-believers start believing in having a twin flame waiting for them out there. Initially, you are highly likely to dismiss this feeling or even not know how to respond to it. However, the belief that you will meet your twin flame will overpower these doubts and uncertainty.

This stage also involves changing your life to accommodate your twin flame. For example, you may find yourself going for therapy sessions or working to heal past wounds. These changes are because your subconscious mind knows that you must address past issues to find your twin flame.

Meeting and Recognition You Have Found Them

In this stage, you found your twin flame and suddenly realize that you are compatible with them. Often, this meeting happens by coincidence and seems as if it was never bound to happen. Just the mere contact with your twin flame is enough to alert you that something extraordinary is taking place. You could come across your twin flame in your sleep and later meet them in person too. The high emotions present in this stage might make you obsessed with this person.


In this stage, your relationship is blossoming, and everything is perfect and rosy. The duration of this stage boils down to the individuals involved.

Challenges Emerge

Unfortunately, your honeymoon period will come to an end. In this stage, things are not as good as they were. Here is where your bad habits, which you hate, manifest in your twin flame and end up quarreling with them. Since you are a reflection of each other, your twin flame could also be the one to fight with you. This discovery of unpleasant behavior causes anxiety which affects the relationship.


Like other relationships, problems are also present in twin flame relationships. Here your love becomes questioned, and eventually, your insecurities manifest. This stage assesses how both of you can handle challenging circumstances. One partner may abandon the other depending on your resilience to these tests. On the bright side, you will have deeper twin flame connections if you manage to overcome this crisis.

The Chase

Here, twin flames part ways with each other though temporarily. These twin flame relationships are often on and off relationships. Separation is inevitable regardless of whether you managed to overcome the crisis stage. One individual will avoid the other resulting in a push and pull. However, the chasing and running will eventually come to an end.


You can chase each other for an unlimited time, but once you solve your issues, you will get back together. As you grow older, you finally let go of your ego and relent to the relationship for your betterment.


Lastly, everything returns to normal. You develop similar reasoning with your twin flame.


Here are some questions to help you assess whether someone is your real twin flame:

  • What attractive or similar aspects do I see in this individual? Are they negative or positive?
  • How does this person influence me when I am around them?
  • Do I genuinely believe this is a Devine connection or is it a way of dealing with my past trauma?
  • Do I feel happy or tensed?


Separation from a twin flame may arise when one marries, dies, or needs personal space. Most twin flame relationships are likely to experience separation. Separation usually happens when the twin flames start having insecurities and bond issues. Your love or your partner’s love may give in, prompting one of you to abandon or isolate yourself from the other.

Separation causes one of the worst possible pain. Often, only one twin flame feels incomplete, as if part of them has died. After separation, you might go through all the stages of grief. However, you might reunite with your twin flame after some time, depending on your efforts.

Signs of Communication

Twin flames have a strong connection that allows them to communicate despite being physically apart. Your twin flame might communicate with you by appearing in your dreams. You might also have similar thoughts and emotions during your separation stage. Moreover, your instincts might tell you that your twin flame communicates with you.


Twin flames have a relationship that is not necessarily romantic. These twin flame relationships can also exist between chaste companions, mentors, and mentees. Your mind tries to visualize this as a perfect romantic partnership. However, in a real sense, a twin flame relationship serves to help you know yourself more profoundly and know the power you possess. Unlike other twin flame relationships, a twin flame can only be shared by one person because it involves the same soul existing in two different bodies. Thus you can only have one twin flame.

A twin flame relationship can become toxic. This toxicity is because your twin flame mirrors your bad habits and flaws, which you do not want to see. Moreover, one of you may wind up manipulating the other for love and worth, thereby creating a toxic relationship.


The twin flame symbol is a collection of several symbols. One of the symbols is the infinity symbol which appears like a tilted number 8. Saint Germain introduced this symbol which signifies the merging of twin flames. Twin flames are indivisible since they are mirrors of each other. Therefore, infinity represents two people who share a soul, merging to create one energy symbol.

Secondly, there exists the triangle symbol above the infinity sign. Inside the triangle, there are two separate flames. The bottom edges of the triangle represent the two individuals, while the distance between the corners signifies that the two are in different bodies. The two flames signify the merging of souls. The upper corner of the triangle indicates that the two are now together.

Finally, there is the circle which unifies all the symbols. The circle encompasses the infinity, triangle, and flame symbols. It represents the unity of the two individuals and the connection between them in this life and the afterlife.

Who Is My Twin Flame?

You might be familiar with stories of people who experienced a strong allure to a stranger. However, twin flame energy involves more than just allure and is usually challenging to understand. Your meeting with your twin flame might have gone astray and ended up rejecting each other. To locate your twin flame check the signs that appear once the energy manifests. However, not all people have twin flames, and it is hard to locate your twin flame.

False Flame

Your love does not seem naturally unconditional with a false twin flame and might require changing them to appear acceptable. A wrong twin flame demands love based on selfish interests and would not hesitate to manipulate you. You also do not experience spiritual growth when in a relationship with the wrong twin flame.

A false twin flame prevents you from achieving your objectives, avoids you, and manipulates you. You need to disassociate from them to achieve your goals. Also, separating from them creates room for your actual twin flame.


Sometimes you might feel the attraction but fail to identify your twin flame. However, you should not give up since finding your twin flame does not happen overnight. In some instances, they might walk into your life, causing sudden powerful emotions, while other times, they might slowly appear in your life. You stand a better chance of finding your twin flame if you do not give up hope while making deliberate efforts to meet them. Monitor the signs, and you might be lucky to find your twin flame.

Remember, your friend’s twin flame path will never be exactly like yours. All journeys are unique. The signs prevalent in their journey might be lacking in your journey. It is essential to know that the journey to finding your twin flame is thorny, as you may come across false twins and separations. Regardless of the many pitfalls and painful experiences, you should not give up.


Twin flame sex tends to be passionate due to the powerful desire for each other. Your shared instincts create an intense and wholesome experience that might be the best in your life. As a result of this satisfaction, you may frequently make love to each other. Most twin flame relationships are on and off and might be unfit for you to be romantic partners depending on your emotional strength. You can decide to remain a couple of friends and help one another.


Twin flames are a reflection of each other, or a soul split into halves and exists in separate bodies. Twin flame relationships are potent, strong, and scarce. They are, however, breakable and require a lot of care and effort. Consult an expert to help you assess whether your twin flame is real.