Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot cards are used to give insight into what is happening in your personal life, including goals, career, money, spirituality, love, and general life path. Below you will find a detailed analysis of the tarot card symbolism and the various interpretations of the different aspects of your personal life, such as health, career, love, relationships, and money.

The Eight of Cups minor arcana card has several symbolic drawings, just like other cards in the deck. The card has a picture of a person wandering away from eight cups in a red cloak. The figure is walking into barren land. The card also indicates the moon in the night sky.


All the drawings on the Eight of Cup cards have a deeper meaning. The list below outlines the Eight of Cups tarot card description, the symbols, and what they mean.

  • The cloaked figure wandering off to a barren land with rocks and bare land signifies walking away and leaving everything behind to find a higher purpose
  • The eight golden cups represent something that you might have considered worthy and precious, but it was not what you wanted. It might be wealth, a certain relationship, a particular job, etc
  • The red cloak that the individual is covered with could be a warning that you are walking away too soon or making a rash decision. You should consider thinking about it
  • The arrangement of the cups is also a symbolistic drawing. The bottom row with five cups suggests that you are still healing from a tragedy or a loss incurred, while the top row is divided into two cups on one side and one on the other side; this means although you have lost something/someone, you have learned an important lesson
  • The moon in the night sky is a sign that you need to seek and establish a higher level of spirituality in your life

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card – Upright

This shows a picture of upright cups tarot card meanings.

The Eight of Cups suggests the act of leaving behind, searching for the truth, letting go, walking away, or abandoning. It also indicates that you might have been looking for other options trying to weigh between one and another. You are now exhausted, and you have to walk away from what you are used to.

As mentioned earlier, the Eight of Cups has different meanings depending on what type of reading you perform

Finances – Upright

In the financial aspect, the Eight of Cups in a tarot reading could be a sign that you need to let go of some of your financial security to build the future your heart yearns for such as starting your own business. It could also be a warning that you do not have enough money to spend on significant expenditures. Take this reading seriously, plan and follow your heart.

Health – Upright

In a health-related tarot reading, the Eight of Cups suggest that you might need to change your outlook on life. It suggests that dwelling on the mishaps and negative side of things could harm your health, primarily mental health. You need to slow down and focus on the positive side of life. Going for a vacation could be a great way to start your optimistic lifestyle.

Career – Upright

As far as career meaning, the Eight of Cups upright means that you are facing a career dilemma, where you want to walk away from a job or career path that is not fulfilling. If you are in business, you will find yourself walking away from a particular line of business to approach a company where your heart is.

Or your heart is yearning for innovations or ideas to improve the business you are currently in. in other words, you feel that you are not satisfied with what you are doing. It is time to let go and get what you want at all costs.

Love/relationships – Upright

The Eight of Cups is not a card that should make you smile in a love reading. It signifies abandonment issues or abandonment. If you are in a relationship, the card suggests that either you or your partner is about to let go of the bond because it is not working and is permanently broken. The Eight of Cups might also mean that your relationships don’t work because of abandonment issues that you might have faced in the past.

Spirituality – Upright

The Eight of Cups upright is a signal that you are finally ready to abandon worldly things or current and past spiritual beliefs and find a spiritual connection that fulfills the needs of your heart.

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card – Reversed

This image shows a reverse of the cups tarot card meanings.

The Eight of Cups reversed tarot card is an indication that you have a fear of going for what your heart wants; it might also mean that you lack emotional maturity and fear of abandonment /commitment. The card also represents people living in fake happiness, staying in bad, stagnant, or monotonous situations, and lacking self-worth and awareness.

When it appears in reverse, you are living under the mentioned situations; you have accepted that particular path. You are resisting the necessary changes you need to make to unlock your true happiness.

Below are the specific interpretations of the Eight of Cups card reverse on specific aspects of your personal life.

Finances – Reversed

The Eight of Cups reversed represents the fear you have been having about letting go of your financial security/assets to find your true source of happiness. You need to balance the two; attaining financial stability/satisfaction and emotional satisfaction.

Health – Reversed

The card is an indication that you are holding on to a situation that is negatively impacting your health. The problem could be a toxic relationship or a bad marriage. You need to walk away and focus on improving your health.

Career – Reversed

When the Eight of Cups reversed appears it means that you fear losing your current position in a business or career because of the benefits it has and fear of jumping off to a new start. It is time you face and overcome the fear of new beginnings if you want to find true happiness and fulfillment.

Love / Relationships – Reversed

The appearance of the Eight of Cups card in reverse indicates that you are unhappy, unfulfilled, and unwilling to let go of a toxic relationship. Fear of loneliness, abandonment issues, low self-worth, and lack of self-awareness are the main reasons you are still holding on to a broken relationship or one with which you are not happy.

Spirituality – Reversed

The eight of the cups signifies that your spiritual growth is stagnant, and you need to work on progressing it. Fix your self-worth issues and connect with your spiritual beliefs.