Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Pentacles shows a young apprentice working in a cathedral. There are two other architects in front of him holding plans for the cathedral on a piece of paper. From his appearance, we can say that the young apprentice is discussing the building progress of the Cathedral. The two other architects are keenly listening as if to properly understand what is required of them and how they can offer guidance.

Although the young apprentice is less experienced, the two architects have no option but to listen. They clearly know his experience and knowledge are crucial to the successful completion of the whole cathedral. The three Pentacles symbolize the coming together of different types of skills and knowledge in order to build something great.

General Meaning and Interpretation – Upright Three Pentacles

The three pentacles show the successful completion of a goal. It takes the effort of more than one person to accomplish a bigger goal. In this particular situation, the upright three pentacles tell us that there are certain requirements that must be met in order to achieve certain goals in life. For a project to succeed, it requires three different types of experience and expertise. This card means that at this particular moment, all the three needed skills and expertise are coming together. In other words, you are happy working together as a team in the initial stages of a bigger project.

The three pentacles are representation a successful start towards attaining your goals. It is a source of encouragement and a sign that you should keep fighting without giving up. Accomplishing targets and goals on your own may take time and a lot of effort. The Three of Pentacles reminds you not to ignore or forget the talents of the people surrounding you. It is important to collaborate with people who have diverse expertise, experience and viewpoints to succeed in something bigger.

Tarot Love Meaning – Upright 3 of Pentacles

The three Pentacles tarot card has a lot of significance when it comes to love and relationships. If you are currently in a relationship, you may find it exciting and pleasurable to work on projects with your lover. Spouses can learn a lot from each other and deepen their trust by creating future plans together. This can be in form of working on the same projects, in the same workplace or developing plans as a team.

By joining hands and working as a team, the two of you are going to appreciate each other by recognizing as appreciating talents and each other’s weaknesses. In case you are single, you may find love by collaborating and working together with others. It won’t take long before to notice someone who complements your interests and ambitions in life.

Career Meaning – Upright 3 of Pentacles

The 3 Pentacles mean that you are consolidating your skills and experience with other people to achieve a common goal. Coming together maybe your greatest tool to attain your career goals at the moment. It could be that your project or business requires several people to collaborate for it to succeed. You will have to figure out the right team holding the key to some of your successes.

The most important thing is to never let go of your goal because that is what will pull all of you together instead of arguing. Support each other and engage in constructive criticism. You should recognize the skills and talents of every team member and see how they can be deployed to achieve your goal. This card can also be an indication of a time to learn and build your qualifications.

Finances Meaning – Upright 3 of Pentacles

As far as finances are concerned, you may realize that working with someone or people with financial experience can help your current financial situation. Some people will help you create a budget that is in line with your income. It could that you have been overspending or operating without any form of financial planning. But if this doesn’t apply to you, then the 3 of Pentacles may just be about learning more about how to improve your finances. This period of learning can help you attain your financial goals faster than you thought.

Reversed Three of Pentacle’s Meaning

The 3 of Pentacles reversed is a sign that there is no teamwork. It is a clear indication that people are working against each other and sabotaging the project in the process. There appears to be unhealthy competition between you and other people working on the project. Every team member is trying to outsmart the other. This often leads to inadequate resources – most people in the project are seeing each other as competitors rather than partners.

If you find yourself in such a team, it is good to stand out and show leadership. With constant arguments and bickering, it is difficult for the project to successfully come to a conclusion. You may discover that people are not cooperating and everyone is focusing on their individual successes.

Tarot Love Meaning – Reversed 3 of Pentacles

The three of Pentacles reversed can be an indication that a couple is finding it hard to work together. Being together as partners often means the ability to trust each other and the desire to work as teammates. How are the two of you sharing roles? How are you splitting finances? One party might be putting more in the relationship than the other. You should ensure that all of you are contributing equally to the relationship.

Career Meaning – Reversed 3 of Pentacles

When it comes to your career, this card may mean that the conflict you are having with your co-workers is what is causing you stress and frustration. The people who you expect to help you succeed are the same ones frustrating your efforts. Your colleagues or teammates may be more interested in their own achievements than working as a team.

Finances Meaning – Reversed 3 of Pentacles

There are chances that you are reluctant to learn about financial matters if you encounter the reversed Pentacles card. Rather than seeking a solution for your financial problems, you are looking for excuses to evade the reality of things. It could be that your business is not doing as expected and instead of addressing the situation, you are avoiding it completely.