Magician Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician tarot card description is one of the tarot cards filled with a lot of symbolism. The image on this major arcana card shows someone raising a hand towards the sky and the other hand pointing down at the ground. His position spears to symbolize his connection between the spiritual world and the material world. He is putting on a white robe to show purity and a red clock to symbolize his worldly knowledge and experience.

On the table right before him, there is a cup, a sword, a pentacle, and a wand. The four items symbolize water, air, earth, and fire. The appearance of these four symbols is an indication that the man has all the tools he needs to unleash his potential. There is also an infinity symbol above his head and a snake around his waist.

Magician Upright

Major arcana tarot cards like the magician represent spiritual and earthly realms.

Magician Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): When the upright Magician appears it represents pure willpower. It shows that you have all the tools and skills to succeed in life. The entire universe is aligning itself to cause positive changes in your life. With all the tools availed to him, the young man has an opportunity to convert that supernatural power into physical manifestations.

When you get this major arcana card in your reading, the Magician tarot meaning is an indication that it is time to harness your full potential without hesitating. It could be in your new business venture, new job, a new relationship or anything else.

The Magician tarot card meaning tells you that there’s no better time to act than now and failure to do so means missing out on great opportunities. A time reaches when you will have to make painful decisions that will transform your life. You need to tap into the power of the magician to make the world a better place for you and others.

Love & Relationships – Upright

The Magician tarot meaning when it comes to love and relationship is having the ability to demonstrate your love. Creativity, skill, determination and love will help manifest your love. If you are searching for love, the Magician calls you to take action and find a way of meeting the person you love. Avoid procrastinating about things and explore every opportunity that presents itself before you.

The Magician card also depicts skill and resourcefulness. As such, you should be cautious of illusions and deceitfulness (read more here). For those who are single, you should not allow desperation to make you compromise on important values. Choose someone that you are comfortable to date and spend the rest of your life together. Couples on the other hand need to be understanding with each other.

Career – Upright

When the Magician appears there are bound to be opportunities coming your way but you need to be decisive to get the most out of them. The Magician is a tarot card of manifestation. This means that anyone with the desire and determination to succeed in their career will definitely do so. You are bound to succeed in getting your dream job and performing extremely well. Just observe anyone who has succeeded in life and you will notice the immense willpower and drive.

The same thing applies when you are venturing into business. You must be willing to take the risks associated with running a business. Many people are often afraid to get started because of the challenges they foresee. But the Magician tarot card in a career context is here to encourage you to harness your inner potential. But if this card depicts another person like a business partner or colleague, then you need cautious when interpreting its meaning.

Finances – Upright

When this card shows up, it means that there could be a lot of financial opportunities available right now – all you need to search and find them. The Magician tarot card has a lot of tools that help him to exercise his willpower. Look for whatever tools and resources are available to you and use them to achieve your goal. The fact that you are not financially stable doesn’t mean you will remain in the same state forever.

Financial success doesn’t come easy. You need to find ways for attaining financial freedom by tapping into your willpower. Try to look around and see what resources are within your reach that can be used to achieve your financial goals. What abilities are you not utilizing? What skills do you have? Take advantage of your creativity to unlock your potential.

Magician Reversed

The magician reverse of this card appears it represents out of balance inner world

Magician Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): When you see the Magical reversed card, it is a sign that you need to make some changes in your life. When the right side is of the Magical is up, symbolizes true power. It is a master of self-drive and illusion. The magic performed is for deception and trickery. Don’t be attracted by the showmanship because his real intentions may be to manipulate you for selfish gain.

Having this card could mean that there is a person pretending to care for you but in the real sense, they are planning for your downfall. Try to find out if this reversed Magician is someone in your circle or sometimes it may be a representation of your current emotional state. You may be undergoing an inner battle that is affecting your progress in different areas.

Love – Reversed

The Magical revered tarot meaning is an indication that not everything represents its actual appearance. As far as relationships are concerned, it would be good to ensure that you properly understand the person you are going out with. Forget about the perfect image they tend to portray when you are together because that could just be an illusion. Take your time to know them well before making any commitments.

On the other hand, the Magician reversed tarot card in love may be a sign of low confidence in your relationship. It could be that you don’t have the ability or willpower to demonstrate your true love hence causing insecurity in your relationship. It may also be an indication of issues you or your partner are going through because of a past relationship. While this may not be your mistake, it would be good to find out the root cause of such problems and see how to resolve them.

Career – Reversed

Are you putting all that is needed on your job or business? Are there any skills that are not in line with your current job? The Magician reversed suggests there are a lot of opportunities for you if only you take advantage of your inner potential. You may even be aware of your creativity and skills but you are too timid to take a risky move. This will make it difficult to attain your full potential in terms of career development.

You will have to closely examine what is keeping you back from taking tangible action towards achieving your goals. Try to pinpoint the risks and fears preventing you from unleashing your full potential. Is it an internal or external risk? What can you do to overcome the risk? The Magician reversed can also be a sign that your colleagues are not honest with you.

Finances – Reversed

If your financial situation the Magician reversed is not what is expected to be, then there could be something that you are not doing right. There could be skills and talents that are not properly being utilized. Or maybe you are afraid of making certain decisions because of what might follow. The Magician reversed is a card of risks but you need to understand the kind of risks you are getting yourself into.

One of the reasons why you are not meeting your financial obligations is a lack of drive and willpower to change the current situation. Your fears and lack of confidence have kept you in the same financial situation for a long time. It is time to step out and face your fear head-on. You should understand that financial freedom comes with a price. That’s why you must step out of your fears and take concrete actions. The more you continue to procrastinate the longer you will remain in the same situation.