Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Seven of Cups tarot card description has several meanings. Its main interpretations include creativity, various options, optimism, fiction, and wishful thinking. In its illustration, the card depicts a person looking at the other side with their backs facing us. The person ponders over the seven cups filled with things that seem to be crawling out of their respective cups and gliding in the clouds.

The clouds present in the illustration signify fantasies, illusions, imaginations, dreams, and thoughts. In the picture, several fantasies emerge from the cups. The fantasies are symbols of the various visions one sees when dreaming. When the Seven of Cups appears it suggests that you have several options to explore.

Interpreting the Seven of Cups Upright Tarot Card

Unlike other tarot cards, this card indicates multiple choice.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): If your reading draws the Seven of Cups, the upright meaning indicates that you have to start seeing the visions present in your imagination more clearly. Just like in your dreams, this also applies to real-world events. Be mindful of your decisions and avoid wasting too much energy on wishful thinking that may result in negative events in your life. This holds for dreamers who are both enthusiastic and terrified by what they envision in their subconscious.

Furthermore, the Seven of Cups serves as a reminder that working towards your dreams is much better than just making wishes in the hope that they will become a reality. Fantasies may excite you, but it is time to face reality.

Perhaps you are one of the people with several options and do not know which choice will be appropriate or the correct path. In such a case, you should carefully analyze the merits and drawbacks of each alternative. More importantly, caution should be practiced when making a decision. Just like the card illustrates, monsters and evil beings are also present with the wonders and treasures on offer.

In other instances, the Seven of Cups may illustrate that your choices are made based on your illusions instead of the reality you need to face. You have to distinguish reality from illusions when making decisions.

Love & Relationships – Upright

This upright card may show that you have to make various choices in a love tarot reading. If you are not in a relationship yet, the card implies that you have a tough choice to make between your affair and family, career, or choose between multiple romantic partners.

It could also imply that while your options may seem very appealing, the illusions may be deceptive. Once again, evaluate your options and make your decisions carefully. A good analysis of your choices and maintaining proper communication will be essential in making decisions.

While love is an exciting and fulfilling thing, lust and infatuation often make us hurry into a relationship that may not be a long-term thing. When starting a lover, don’t just look at the good side. Consider the red flags, and trust your instincts if you feel something is wrong.

Career – Upright

If this card appears in a career tarot reading it means you may have several options in progressing your career. While it is a good thing, more time should be spent realizing it instead of just fantasizing about it. Despite the many options, you should choose one and work on it. Be decisive, confident and listen to you inner wisdom and you will excel in any path you choose.

Finances – Upright

For finances, the upright Seven of Swords suggests various means to improve your financial status. Generally, it implies you have many opportunities. Nonetheless, everything isn’t set, and you have to work on these opportunities.

Interpreting the Seven of Cups Tarot Card Reversed

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): Interestingly, the reversed Seven of Cups in a tarot reading has some similarities to the upright one since they are related to your dreams, illusions and wishful thinking. However, the reversed one is more focused on the negative aspects.

Possibly, your opinions are based on fantasy rather than reality. This suggests that you are unsure about what you are looking for. The reversed Seven of Cups represents your hesitance in tackling life’s realities. You try to run from reality by fantasizing and daydreaming.

From another perspective, the Seven of Cups signify the end of confusion. You move away from your fantasies and begin a new phase of clarity.

Love & Relationships – Reversed

In a love reading, the Seven of Cups reversed implies that your demands in the relationship are making the affair more complicated. Because of your indecisiveness, you suffer missed chances, emotional distress, and a lot of time wastage. Rather than live with uncertainties, it would be best if you concentrated on what you want.

Conversely, becoming more aware of your goals and working on them will benefit you.

Finances – Reversed

The Seven of Cups reversed has various conflicting interpretations for your finances. You should evaluate your condition and identify which one is relevant to you.

For one, the card signifies clarity when dealing with money. This enables you to concentrate on your financial goals and gives you the discipline to work on them. Concentrating on the task and clearing any distractions will remove any unnecessary spending. You may discover that you are proficient at creating and adhering to budgets and other organized plans in the process.

The other interpretation of the Seven of Cups is confusion and delusions about realizing your dream. Make sure an opportunity is genuine before pursuing it. Sometimes, people come up with scams and brand them as legitimate opportunities. Get to know every detail about an offer that has been made to you.

Careers – Reversed

The Seven of Cups reversed card is different from the upright one in career terms. Contrary to the numerous opportunities in the upright one, this one appears to those who seem stuck and do not have any chances to progress in their careers. They may feel it is too late to act or they did not capitalize when the opportunity was available. The card signifies that it is time to get over your failures and use your skills to pursue your goals.