Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Swords tarot card description show a heart being pierced through by three swords with heavy clouds above it. The dark clouds in the background symbolize pain and suffering. But they also offer hope of a bright future as soon as the clouds clear. The heart is a place of warmth and love. It is also where the spirit dwells.

The three swords show their power to harm and cause suffering to whatever they pierce. This is a picture of loss, grief and heartbreak. The clouds represent the bleakness of the situation. All three swords point to a low moment in life.

Three of Swords – Upright

Three of Swords Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The Three of Swords minor arcana card portrays a message of rejection, discouragement, betrayal, and hurt. In times like this, we are served by the mind. If you are only able to think straight and prepare well for the experience, then the effect of the pain will be significantly reduced. You should take the experience with a positive outlook & mindset irrespective of how much it hurts.

But don’t forget that grief and pain are part of life. They usually help us appreciate the joy and happiness we always experience. Pain teaches us a lot of things and also helps us to learn from mistakes that may lead us to dangerous paths. That’s what makes pain a necessary evil in our lives. The three of Swords thus depict suffering that is supposed to strengthen us and make us more careful.

Life sometimes gives you limited or no choices at all. We are often knocked down. What makes the difference is whether we decide to remain down or dust ourselves, rise and continue with the journey. Every pain you go through acts as a stepping stone to help you get a deeper meaning in life. This minor arcana card presents itself at a period in your life when you need to prepare for this difficult moment. No matter how hurtful your grief is, it helps you put the past aside and concentrate on the future. Don’t dwell too much on what’s troubling you but rather on what’s ahead of you.

Love Meaning – Upright

The pictorial presentation of this card is simple and clear; you are going to be heartbroken in a way that you never expected. This is going to be a time of tears, sadness and grief in your life. In case you are in a relationship, this can could mean that you are facing a storm that could end up separating the two of you. In the worst-case scenario, this card suggests that there is a third party trying to create a wedge between you and your partner. The two of you must make difficult decisions to remain together.

You have to compromise and have open discussions with each other to sustain your relationship. There are people who are not happy with how far the two of you have come and are working hard to separate you. But if you are still single, the upright of 3 Swords could mean that your pain and suffering are hindering you from finding your lover. It means that you haven’t healed from your past wounds and that you should give yourself enough time before starting to date.

Career – Upright

We work every day to make ends meet but that job can be a source of stress, sadness and frustration. This is exactly what this card is saying about your career. You could be going through a lot of stress and frustrations attributed to your job or business. You don’t want to quit because it is your main source of income and quitting is not an option.

Sometimes the card can signify disagreements with your colleagues or employees. If that is what you are going through, then try to have candid and open discussions with your fellow colleagues or employees. The conflict could be a result of miscommunication and misunderstanding. There’s a lot that you can learn from each other by having honest conversations. In case you are searching for work, the situation right now can appear very hopeless. Do not despair; even if you don’t get the job right now, take time to reflect and recover from anguish.

Finance – Upright

The Upright 3 of Swords tarot card signifies loss of resources. You might have undergone a financial loss that is causing you a lot of stress right now. A breakup often comes with emotional pain as well as financial consequences. It has become difficult for you to afford your apartment alone and probably you have to share assets after separation. You feel as if you have hit rock bottom and there’s no point in trying anymore. While things may seem to fall apart for you, giving up is not an option. Seek help and find your way back to the right path.

Three of Swords Reversed

Three of Swords Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): The Three of Swords reversed shows that you have in recent days suffered loss, break-up or a period of grief. You are probably getting back on your feet and you are still emotionally drained and without strength to do much. Despite the fact that you are still thinking about your past woes, the three of Swords reminds you that there’s more to life than dwelling on your past sorrows.

Most people fail to see the joy and happiness that lie before them by focusing too much on their past grief and sorrows. Don’t let your past mistakes or failures obscure a bright future that lies right ahead of you. The reversed Three of Swords is here to encourage you that no situations are permanent in life, whether good or bad.

Tarot Love – Reversed

When the Three of Swords reversed card shows up in a love tarot reading, two people in love may be at a point of forgiveness. Each one of them has realized their mistakes and is trying to heal past wounds they inflicted on each other. They want to craft a new and bright future together. If you are single, it means that the healing process has begun from the previous heartbreak and are now ready to get started with a new relationship.

But the card can at times imply the very opposite. It could be that your past wounds have refused to heal and you feel a lot of resentment towards the person who broke your heart. On the other hand, spouses may not be in a position to forgive each other because of what happened in the past. Maybe one party is trying to compromise but the other is not willing to let go of the pain inflicted on them.

Career – Reversed

In a career tarot reading when the Three of Swords reversed appears things at your workplace are beginning to look up. The conflicts that used to stress you are now being resolved. Your co-workers may have gotten over the conflict or the people who were frustrating you left the company. Every person at work is now focused on forgetting the past and working towards a better future.

Also, in a career tarot spread the Three of Swords can represent communication between employees and the management has greatly improved. This has helped avoid unnecessary conflicts as used to happen before. But the card may also point to the worsening of things at your workplace. Some of your colleagues have refused to move on from past conflicts and are holding grudges against you. Surrounding tarot cards will give more meaning to this.

Finance – Reversed

If you have been facing financial difficulties, the Three of Swords reversed may signify some relief. You are probably starting to save again or finding yourself in a more stable and comfortable financial position. All projects that had stalled are now actively being undertaken.

On the other hand, this tarot card can show that your financial situation is getting worse and this is affecting your emotions. Your past spending habits are to blame for the current situation you have found yourself in. You are finding it difficult to adjust to a new way of life without money. The fact that you are not accepting the situation is making things even worse. You need to face the reality of the situation and adjust accordingly.

What Should You Do?

If this card appears and you don’t know what it means to your situation consider hiring an experienced tarot reader (Click Here)