Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

When explaining the meaning of the upright Hermit Card, there are some key references to consider. They include thoughtfulness, soul searching, self-analysis, seclusion, enlightenment, scrutiny, and contemplation.

General Interpretation of the Upright Hermit Card

Generally, the upright Hermit Tarot Card has various meanings. It indicates that an individual is beginning a stage of deep reflection, spiritual growth, and self-analysis. You may need lots of time in seclusion and on your own so that you can rediscover yourself and gain a proper understanding of your life as an individual. This may require you to halt your day-to-day activities to have enough time alone.

The upright Hermit Card also implies that you are secluding yourself from everything else so that you can bounce back from a tough life experience or a problem that has been bugging you. As a vital Arcana card, it also indicates that you are experiencing an anti-social stage in which you are not comfortable interacting with other people like you do when okay.

The Hermit is considered smart and full of wisdom, and it may show that you are looking for the services of a counselor or therapist. In this period, you should concentrate on yourself and figure out ways you can improve your situation.

Love and Relationships – Upright

As much as love is a big mystery, it can also teach us a lot of things. For us to truly love, we need to be aware of our insecurities, character, and needs. The upright Hermit Card has various meanings in terms of love and relationships. If you are not in a relationship, the card signifies that you are finally leaving that period of being lonely that was necessary to recover from a nasty breakup or previous relationship. Soon, it will be time to begin a new relationship. Apart from that, the card can also signify chastity and abstinence.

The upright Hermit Card signifies a wiser, older, or more experienced spouse for those in a relationship. It could also encourage you to spend more time and connect with your significant other. In addition to that, this card can signify that both of you are too involved in your pursuits instead of bonding and developing your relationship.

To address this problem, you should sit down with your partner and talk about your expectations and experience in the relationship. In addition, these talks should put you in a position to outline things that make you happy in the relationship. Please don’t leave it at that; address the negative aspects too. If one partner is soul-searching, the other should be supportive and helpful in the process. This will enhance your connection as you go through the process.

Even though these talks may seem very uncomfortable at first, they will establish a good foundation for your relationship.

Health and Spirituality – Upright

Healthwise, the upright Hermit Card shows that you are engaging in certain activities causing health problems. One indication is that you are always on the move, with little or no time to rest. The Hermit encourages you to create time for some rest so that you can revamp your health.

Spiritually, the Hermit portrays spiritual growth and enlightenment. Thus, it would be best to start participating in more spiritual activities. Examples of tasks and activities that can boost your spiritual growth include energy work, meditation, and psychic work. It may also involve you separating from others to rediscover yourself.

Nonetheless, this time should be spent improving and connecting with your inner self.

Money and Career – Upright

The upright Hermit Card suggests that you are concentrating so much on your job, acquiring possessions and more money for your career. Instead, it would help to shift your emphasis to other tasks that will make you happy and satisfied.

Another interpretation is that you have uncertainties about your current career. You are looking for a fulfilling and exciting career because money and material pursuits do not motivate you anymore. At this point, you should be wiser in making financial choices and how you invest your money.

Interpreting the Reversed Hermit Tarot Card

The key references for the reversed Hermit Tarot Card include fear, withdrawal, loneliness, anti-social behavior, and paranoia.

Hermit Tarot Card – Reversed

Generally, this reversed card shows that you have secluded yourself from the outside world for far too long. Although it might have been beneficial at a certain point, the Hermit insinuates that now is the time to return to the world and engage with people in your surroundings.

Soul-searching can be wonderful for an individual if done in the right way. Nonetheless, it can also be harmful if done in excess. A major Arcana card, the reverse Hermit implies that you should draw the line and progress forward.

Another meaning of the Hermit Card reversed is that you are shy about getting back to social scenarios. Finally, it can also mean you are steering clear of soul searching because of what you may discover about yourself. It is a sign that you are too conservative, rigid, and old-fashioned in viewing things.

Love and Relationships – Reversed

From a love perspective, the reversed Hermit Card is a sign of loneliness. If you have an affair already, it indicates isolation or being rejected by your lover. It may also signify that both of you are too busy to connect.

This may cause either one or both to feel neglected despite having a relationship. It would help if you analyzed the situation and figured out the areas where you can work on.
It also implies that although one person wants to leave the relationship, the other is still holding on. It may also signal that you want to rekindle your romance with your ex, whom you broke up with.

Career and Finances – Reversed

In this context, it implies that after secluding yourself for so long, it is time to venture out there and make connections with the appropriate business people. The card also implies that when doing investments or making financial decisions, you should consult an experienced person. It would be best if you were careful to avoid rushing into any decisions.

Health and Spirituality – Reversed

Spiritually, the reversed Hermit card shows that after having a lot of time alone, it is time to grow spiritually and connect with others by engaging in spiritual groups. Examples include yoga class, reiki share, and motivation class.

For your health, it can show you are developing mental health problems like paranoia. It is time to relax before it becomes too much for you. Otherwise, your health may experience a negative impact from what you are going through.