High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

The High Priestess is the number two tarot card. She sits firmly on her throne between The Magician Tarot Card and the Empress. The High Priestess belongs to the major arcana and exudes spirituality and feminine energy.

You’ll generally see the High Priestess sitting between two pillars. For instance, in the Raider Waite Tarot, the high priestess sits between two pillars. The left pillar is marked with a “J” and the right pillar is marked with a “B.”

The pillars are at Solomon’s Temple, which was the first temple in Jerusalem. The “J” pillar is Jachin and the Pillar of Establishment. The “B” pillar is Boaz the Pillar of Strength. Together, these pillars represent duality in nature – good and evil, male and female, and negative and positive.

She sits between the pillars to keep the balance between the two. Think of her as a third pillar. She believes the pillars are equal and both offer opportunities for knowledge.

The crown atop the priestess’ head is the crown of Isis. And it symbolizes her belief in magic. The priestess is also wearing a blue robe & solar cross, which symbolizes her connection to the earth and divine knowledge. At her feet is a crescent moon, which represents her ability to control her emotions.

A thin veil of Pomegranates adorns the throne on which the priestess sits. This fruit is a symbol of ambition, determination, and hope. Pomegranates can also represent moving from the world of the living to that of the dead.

High Priestess Upright

Upright tarot cards and reversed tarot cards are interpreted differently. Reversed cards are those that appear upside down in a tarot spread. They are sometimes thought of as negative cards, but that’s not necessarily the truth. They simply provide a different message from a card that appears upright.

Here are some various meanings associated with the upright and the reversed High Priestess.

The High Priestess is a card of inner knowledge. When she appears in a spread, she’s urging you to prioritize your intuition. It’s time to listen to your inner voice and pay less attention to your conscious mind and intellect.

The priestess can also represent the divine feminine archetype. Her divine feminine power and inner wisdom has deep spiritual answers to questions concerning nature, the self, and religion.

If the High Priestess appears in your tarot reading, it means you’re intuitive. And starting on a path to explore your spirituality. This can mean you’re currently engaging in spiritual work, connecting with a higher power via meditation and prayer – or that it’s in your future.

The crescent moon on the card indicates nighttime. And the night is often seen as a frightening time of danger. But the priestess guards and protects this nighttime world.

She shows that going deep within the depths of your soul can potentially lead to personal and spiritual enlightenment. You may find the journey frightening, but the High Priestess encourages you to continue forward.

You are being encouraged to look within for the answers you seek.

Love – Upright

In a love tarot reading, the High Priestess tarot card represents a change in your emotional state. This change is possibly unconscious and impossible for you to detect.

Intense emotions often hide just beneath the surface. A calm situation – such as a date – can suddenly turn into intense passion. If the priestess appears in a love tarot reading, it suggests you need patience. You should also trust your intuition concerning the situation. Honesty is the key here – with yourself and with others.

In a relationship tarot reading, the High Priestess is a sign of increased openness and intimacy with your partner. She’s saying that honesty is essential to the success of your relationship. And honesty will help you build a relationship that is strong and meaningful.

Career – Upright

As for your career, the High Priestess signals education. You’re entering a period where learning becomes a focus.

Perhaps you’ll take a class that advances your career goals. Or you may return to school to earn a higher degree or diploma. The card can also mean you’re about to feel new inspiration concerning your work.

In a career reading, the High Priestess can also suggest you’ll find yourself faced with an important decision. This decision could involve a new project or a new career altogether. In either situation, you’re urged to rely on your intuition and instinct.

The priestess signals that you’ll have information to help in your decision. And that a guide or mentor may appear to help as well.

Finances – Upright

The High Priestess is a card of mystery and things unknown. When it comes to financial matters, she advises you to avoid discussing your financial business with others. And perhaps it’s best to keep your financial business hidden unless it’s unavoidable.

If you’re facing a situation that requires using your finances, listen to your intuition. Perhaps you’re trying to decide on an investment. Or maybe you’re considering making a huge purchase.

Listen to your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, pay close attention to those feelings.

High Priestess Reversed

The reversed High Priestess indicates you’re ignoring your intuition. Meditating can help. At this moment, thinking rationally about everything may not provide the best outcome. It’s important to get in touch with your intuition and gut instinct.

You’ve been feeling the urge to follow your gut – but you’re ignoring the message. There’s confusion surrounding you, and your actions conflict with what you’re feeling.

The High Priestess advises you to question yourself. Look deep within yourself for answers that will help you create a better life. You can create a life that’s in line with your values and beliefs.

Love – Reversed

The High Priestess guards your intuition. In a love reading, she indicates the need to trust your feelings and intuition in matters of romance and love.

You might encounter difficulties if you rely too much on your conscious mind. Don’t ignore your intuition.

This tarot card here can also signal the need for complete honesty. Avoid saying or doing things simply to please your partner. Doing so will lead to anger and resentment in the relationship.

Career – Reversed

The High Priestess indicates you’re lacking information concerning your work. You may feel that coworkers have hidden agendas or purposely left you uninformed. And as a result, you might feel anger or distrust with your coworkers.

The priestess can also indicate you’re avoiding your intuition in your career.
For instance, you may decide to trust a business associate when your gut is telling you to run. Your gut feeling is the associate doesn’t have the best intentions, but you’re ignoring that feeling.

This tarot card can also mean a coworker has a hidden agenda. You’re advised to use caution when dealing with coworkers. And remember that a friendly face can hide danger.

Finances – Reversed

The High Priestess reversed here can mean you’re missing important information concerning a financial decision.

Perhaps you’re applying for a loan or getting a mortgage. Or maybe you’re interested in making some investments. The High Priestess is warning you to slow down and double-check the details. Speak with a trusted associate or friend who can provide the facts you need.